Fourth Trimester Update- 4 Weeks and the Start of Paternity Leave

by - Monday, October 03, 2016

When I pinterested "fourth trimester," I couldn't help but notice that every single option was either weight loss or breastfeeding related. Really? I am looking for some outfit ideas or cute posts on what the heck is normal, and all it seems a woman in her 4th trimester is supposed to care about is boobs? I know we are boobs to our infants, but are we just a set of nunjas to ourselves too? So much so that we are desperate to whittle everything else down? 

Boo. I say phooey to this. 

So I am going to try doing the Anti-Bumpwatch. The 4th trimester tends to be pretty alienating, because no one wants to talk about it, but does that really help anyone? It also tends to be treated as almost shameful- you hide your breastfeeding, you fight to get back to your pre-baby body, you hermit at home so people don't see you all discombobulated and pajamed. Where a pregnant body is seen as miraculous and beautiful (which it is), our new healing and STILL life-giving bodies don't garner much respect. 

Maybe it would be good to hear how some other people are going through the first months of their new infant. If nothing else, I can use it as a record later, and hopefully I want be too horrified what my sleep-deprived brain found relevant or funny. But know, other mothers are going through it too. You may feel alone, and maybe I won't have the same experiences because they are so individual, but somebody has gone through something similar. 

4th triester visit to the ballard locks

breastfeeding at the walk to end alzheimers fourth trimester

How Far Along- The Bub is 4 weeks old- one month old tomorrow!

My Weight- The same. I think the big drop off is over, though it s funny that the weight varies at least 5 pounds depending on how engorged I am. Because that glamour.

Baby Cuteness Rating- I am biased, but I think he is pretty cute, maybe cuter than his brother at this phase. He doesn't stare through us, and he has really bright and alert eyes. I know he can't see us, but it feels much more like he is looking.

You Breastfed Where?- Seattle Center, in a giant field of people (lots of whom were taking pictures), while eating a Top Pot doughnut. Once the doughnut got involved, I could have flashed everyone. Who cares, I have a doughnut! I also breastfed at the Locks, so those salmons have something to talk about.

And I am Feeling- Feeling better, but tired. The Bub seems to have a sensitive stomach, so I am cutting out dairy. We had a few nights where he just screamed from dusk until dawn, but since I gave up my beloved glasses of milk, it seems to be improving and I think everyone is (sort of) catching up on sleep, so that is a good feeling. Because the screaming was killing my soul. How do people with colicky babies do it?

Most Bizarro Quirk of the Week- VBAC's take so long to heal! Totally thought I would be back to normal by now, but one of my friends told me it can take like 8 weeks just to walk right, so the bizarro thing here might be my expectations. Thought I'd be doing cartwheels  and splits by now, but I need to stop stewing at my lady parts for not being back in tip top shape.

Best Moment of the Week- I can think of a couple of good ones. We went to Ballard Locks, and that gave me that feeling that we can still do things. I love that feeling. If you can take two tiny people out on a serious outing, what can't you do? Watching Wall-E for movie night and having everyone cuddle was also pretty great.

Also, God bless the Mercy reflex- no matter how tired and miserable you are, it's impossible to not be melted by the little fingers wrapped around yours. What a weird, awesome miracle that babies are designed to grab your fingers. It's like the first sign that they love you, and I know it's all involuntary, but I love it.

Favorite Tool in my Arsenal- I love Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, but now that I know how they are made (and just how many are already in consignment stores), I would never buy one new. We have a mismatched collection, but I bought two more this week, so now it is that much more varied. A pack of 4 these much coveted blankets is about 50 dollars. Used, I have bought 4 for under 20. Used is the only way to get these blankets.

And We are Watching- Stranger Things, and I am obsessed. I honestly don't know what I will do when we finish it tonight. I know everyone says it is really good, but it is really good!

And the Boy?- Killing it at paternity leave. Mastering his baby wrap booty dance and catching lots of Pokemon while taking the toddler on walks. I can already see the dangerous combo of toddler fatigue and cabin fever setting in, so we are coming up with lots of activities to keep everyone busy and sane.

Looking Forward To- Season 2 of Stranger Things. It's a serious problem, but the third episode! So good!

This week is Applefest here, which means we celebrate our hometown festival a very long way from our hometown, Looking forward to Apple pancakes and changing leaves. and just doing fall as a family of four.

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