7 Things for this Week- Crabs and Passports

by - Sunday, October 09, 2016

toddler play stricture bought used

1. Garage Sale Greatness- Our bubs got spoiled this week- we got a wagon, a little tree house with a slide, and one of those water tables. All for 20 bucks (I looked them up- all new that is 270 dollars)! Thank you to Buy Nothing and garage sales. I may eventually paint the slide so it looks a little fresher, but the boys certainly don't care. It just goes to show that you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by looking for things used AND you keep plastic out of landfills! Score!

seattle recreative kids studio passports

2. Back to Work- I am back to teaching classes and couldn't be more giddy about it. I get a break from my infant and toddler to go hang out with the vastly more mature five (and a half. Do not forget the half) year-olds! Excited to be teaching more kids about art, about making, and about using all those things people wrongly treat as garbage!

pacific northwest hill and road pine trees

3. Pacific Northwest Fall- We ran off to Port Angeles for a 24 hour adventure to enjoy fall, to help heal our Applefest-missing wounds, to eat crab, and to prove to ourselves we could. We did it, but we didn't actually see much fall glory. The peninsula has a lot of pine trees, so it stays pretty green. It does feel empowering to get out the door and have an overnight adventure somewhere anyway.

crab clock port angelescrabfest crab plate port angeles

4. Crabfest- Port Angeles is a cute little town, and this is a cute little festival (actually way smaller than Applefest from our small hometown). Just big enough to have some crafts, live music, and a whole bunch of seafood. We didn't have the pleasure of awkward small talk with people we kind of know like at home, but we still got lots of small talk in with strangers. I forgot how much more people talk to you with an infant than with a toddler. Also, The Boy is using the crab bib to try to keep crab off The Baby Bear's head. It did not work.

crab and corn plate crabfest port angeles

5. Crab- Nom, nom delicious. You know what is weird though? The corn cob was actually the best part. Where do they get that corn!?

grilled cheese with apple and bacon for kids

6. Re-Play for Apple Week- The Boy is making some of our favorite apple recipes and I thought grilled apple, cheddar and bacon grilled cheese looked really good on my favorite recycled plastic plates! Woot!

fall flowers

7. Republican Leaders on Being American First- I feel like this whole awful political season has been about seeing the absolute worst in anyone who disagrees with you and wishing they would just disappear (or get stuck behind a wall). That tape was ugly, but I have been happily reminded that not all conservatives are like Donald Trump. In fact, very few of them are. I know many conservative men, and none of them would ever talk about women like that.

And I know people think the line should have been drawn sooner, but I am so happy it was drawn at all, and that we as the American people agree that women should be treated with respect, even if our definition is different. It's a strange moment of common ground and I am honest to goodness rooting for us all to get it together and come together in some positive way. Because we are all Americans before we are our political party.

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