4th Trimester Update- 6 Weeks, Sweet Freedom!

by - Wednesday, October 19, 2016

pumpkin patch mom and toddler 4th trimester

mom and toddler pumpkin patch back of a prius

How Far Along- 6 Weeks- we made it!

My Weight-  Down a little more. The diet is in full swing, and everyone is appropriately cranky. There are good reasons not to take treats away at the same time you take all sleep away. But we are pushing through, and at some point I will be glad. Now, I am hungry.

Baby Cuteness Rating- Getting chubbier, which is the key to all baby cuteness. I also think he is making eye contact with me more, and I swear he is smiling at me. Also, singing me lullabies. And quoting Frederick Jameson. And solving complex economic problems. I might be a little tired.

You Breastfed Where?- In a pumpkin patch, but it was in a gazebo at a picnic table... barely an accomplishment.

I also breastfed while taking an eye exam. It felt pretty badass, but it also made me appreciate our eye doctor (who is a mom, too, so she understands the dilema of a screaming baby vs a boob out).

And I am Feeling- So hungry. But otherwise, good! Still haven't had to do whole days 2 on 1, so we will see how I fare when we get there, but I am mostly happy, just starting to really feel the effects of the tired. Also, I miss chocolate. Also, noticing that I am getting very behind on life- I need to plan a birthday party, prep for visitors, a whole host of things. But right now I am absolutely living in the present, because that is most of what I can handle.

Most Bizarro Quirk of the Week- Feeling normalish? That 6 week mark is no joke, and even though I know I am a total zombie, I do feel more healed and more like myself than I have in a long time (damn baby brain got me this time). Happy to be able to sit and lift and ride down a slide holding my monster toddler.

Best Moment of the Week- Tonight, I got out of the shower, fed The Baby Bear, and he puked most of it back up. Into my hair. Which hadn't even dried from the shower yet. That has to be some kind of mom record.

Favorite Tool in my Arsenal- Noodle and Boo 2 in 1 wash. makes our kids smell so good. It's tough enough to work on our stinky toddler and gentle enough for our newborn. Plus, it is made in America! One bottle will last at lezst a year with a little one, so even if it seems more expensive than some more mainstream brands, it's a good investment.

And We are Watching- Really bad reality tv. Steampunk'd, some quiz show... The dregs of Netflix, but we may be too tired for something that requires attention or a soul.

And the Boy?- Dreading the end of paternity leave, but otherwise holding up against the lack of sleep. Making a lifetime of freezer meals this week as the simple weeks are quickly coming to an end.

Looking Forward To- My dad is coming! Excited for The Baby Bear to meet his Gump. Should be a really great week. 

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