3 Things for Today- Noah's Ark, Handsome Turtles, and Garlic

by - Monday, October 10, 2016

softoys noah's ark bag
from ricecereal on wordpress
1. Softoys- We found this adorable little toy company in Port Angeles when we were crabfesting. They are handmade in Washington; they aren't too fussy and their cute little animals or dinosaurs fit into a carrying bag. I think our Noah's Art might live in the backseat of the car, as the Bub loves taking aminals out then putting the aminals back in. The owner swore they also are easy to throw in the wash and come back as lively as ever, so I will report back on that. Did I mention they are pretty darn cheap? Might be a perfect gift if you need to buy a gift for a toddler!

As a side note, the lions on this ark aren't going to be able to repopulate the Earth.

hand me down turtle costume

2. This Handsome Turtle- Our neighbors are spring cleaning and giving us a bunch of their son's old clothes. This was super generous, and these handmedowns will probably be the center of The Bub's wardrobe for at least 2 years. This is all well and good, but The Bub only cares about this infant turtle costume, which he has worn around the house as a vest while calling himself handsome. So cute.

3.Garlic- We are on a post-baby diet, which is the dumbest idea we have ever had. Who goes on a strict diet when they are already seriously sleep-deprived? We are so hungry, and everyone is cranky. I will be happier about it in a few weeks, but for now, I just feel grateful for garlic, because it tastes so delicious but it is actually good for you. And it keeps our zucchini noodles delicious and not too heartbreaking.

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