6 Things for the Last Two Days- Malevich in Legos, Wet Bags, and a Rockienaut Shirt

by - Monday, August 15, 2016

little boy in astronaut t-shirt playing with chalk in his driveway

1. Actual Gift Shop Goodies- We went to the Pacific Science Center yesterday, and even though their gift shop still has lots of Made in Elsewhere stuff, some of their t-shirts were actually made in LA! Score! We don't buy much at places like these, but I couldn't resist this t-shirt. Ethically made and adorable, plus my favorite Bubba word right now is "Rockienaut" for "astronaut."

malevich in legos at art of the brick

2. Malevich in Legos- I have mixed feelings on "Art of the Brick"- it definitely belongs in a science/ hands on learning center, not an art museum. But it is fun to see artworks on display in lego. Especially an artist like Malevich, who would absolutely hate this.

3. Living with Kids on Design Mom- I love this blog, even if I cannot imagine living in such pristine spaces, but this blog is smart, really thoughtful and respectful to its subjects. I also think they make for great inspiration for living with plenty of kids but less stuff- if they can do it, so can we!

planetwise wet bag with fox and trees print
Planetwise from Amazon 

4. Planetwise Wet Bags- I love these wet bags. We have one now, and it feels so much better than traveling with a bunch of plastic disposable bags. A simple change that is cost effective and super cute.

5. Franz Whole Wheat Bread and Tillamook Cheese- I love that our basics- bread, milk, eggs, cheese are all from nearby. What basics do you buy from more local companies? Also, Franz whole wheat is so tasty- not as healthy as 9 grain, but I can't do that while prego, for whatever reason.

6. Being Outside- We had a day almost completely at home today, and before it got too warm out, we wedded the garden and drew a lifetime supply of helicopters and teeny houses. Once it cooled off, we headed to a park and played on the swings for an hour. So glad we can be outside and have fun like that for free!

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