6 Things for 2 Days with my Mumma

by - Monday, August 29, 2016

family heirloom basket
from Even More Clumsy
1." My Grandmother's Baskets"- My great Aunt Betsi writes a blog that I love (my favorite is a post about a little piece of plastic litter that she has been noticing NOT changing over the course of months walking by), and this week, she has been posting about baskets that could be on the shelf family heirlooms, but she actually uses them. I love how she describes it, so be sure to check her blog out.

toddler and grandma playing picnic with stuffed animals

2. A Hose, A Blanket, and a Balloon- It really makes you appreciate the genius that goes into marketing toys, because so little is necessary for a two year old's good time. Can I also say I feel a twinge of pride that every stuffed animal in this picture (but one) was either bought used or gifted as a hand me down. I would say in the last couple of months, we have seen our changes in approaching stuff really come into its own, and its exciting to see how much is used or ethically made in our house.

3. Made in the USA Lumpectomy Gear- Never would have thought this existed in a million years, but if this blog has taught me one thing, its that someone has already thought about the problem, and if you intentionally seek out things that were made ethically, with regard for the environment, or nearby, you will be SHOCKED how often you can find it.

4. Weddings in the Time of Social Media- I was too pregnant to go with the Boy to a wedding this weekend, but thanks to cell phone pictures, facebook posts, and a drunken Skype, I got to feel like I at least got a sense of what the night was like, and I got to see lots of the beautiful details (and stop at a beer distributor). So grateful that if we have to live so far from home, we can do it now, and not 50 years ago like my grandparents did it- lots of letters and road trips.

5.Buying Things Used- You had no idea I liked this, right?! I am the kind of person who gets tremendously sentimental about stuff. My mom is the kind of person where most stuff doesn't matter to her at all (both she and my brother are excellent at shaking off excess baggage), so she would rather spend less money, because she doesn't intend to keep it that long anyway. Most stuff is just stuff, and it doesn't deserve much thought, energy and money. I love this about both of them.

 Where cheapo stores like Walmart might seem like the best answer, you cannot beat the deals you find at a kid's consignment store, so we can get everything still on our list (except the damn double stroller) for cheap while still having a positive environmental impact! It works really well If you are no fuss shopper like my mom,
blonde woman wearing purple majamas
Majamas from Amazon
6. Majamas- So, our baby is due VERY soon, and I am finally packing our hospital bags. We were talking about getting a new pair of nursing pajamas to go with the 2 or 3 I have from last time, and I am psyched about these numbers from Majamas. This company makes all of their clothes in the US, and they are so thoughtful about what a new mom needs! I will let you know how they work.

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