3 Things for Yesterday- Hangers, Grilled Cheese, and Bed/Cribs

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

pile of wire and plastic hangers

1. Lessons in Wire Hangers- We have been trying to get rid of this pile of wire hangers (mostly from the dry cleaners) on Buy Nothing, and someone offered us the wisdom to just take them back to the dry cleaners! I know this is crazy, especially given that I write this blog, but the option never occurred to me. Though I would throw it out there

grilled cheese in a frying pan

2. Grilled Cheese- Is there such a thing as an end of pregnancy surrender? I try to be healthy and exercise, but 2 weeks out, I just want to eat cake and grilled cheese off my belly while laying on the floor like a beached whale. My toddler son is like "hell no, I am better than this american cheese grilled buttery nonsense" so we can now say with confidence his tastes are more sophisticated than mine.

3. Tutu's Bed- Currently, the most fun thing is laying on the bed in the guest room. I don't know why, but I kind of enjoy these mysteries. Babies are weird.

Word of the Day "Did it" while throwing our arms up in the air in victory.

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