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by - Friday, July 15, 2016

This is a new blog series where we can each sing the praises of our favorite local shops, brands, and restaurants. 
Supporting local businesses does even more than supporting small business owners (though that is great too). It keeps your money local to you (not off wherever the Waltons are vacationing), creates more jobs for your friends and family, and even helps the environment. 
Why is shopping local good for the environment? We talk a lot about commutes and how much fuel people use to travel, and the same applies to your stuff. The further your stuff has to travel, the more fossil fuels they use and energy they waste. Large companies and chains pretty consistently show less responsibility and concern for the environment and the communities they are in, so you can effect positive change locally and decrease your environmental impact just by shopping and eating local! 
 This blog intends to encourage us to get out and explore the businesses near where we live. See it as a fun challenge to see what you can support nearby and be surprised what amazingness you may have missed. You can also check out other lists to find the coolest places to go when you travel to new places!  

Mark is the boyfriend of my beloved sister-in-law Elizabeth. He is also a recent graduate of Clarion University, and he has spent the last five years living in this college town. He (with the help of Elizabeth) wrote a list of the best local haunts there, which I think is great whether you are a money-light college student or not! Also, if you are short on money but still want to make more eco-friendly choices, check out my blogs on Greening the Basics and Green Living in an Apartment. You are the future, youths! Thank you to Mark for sharing his favorites with us. Take it away, Mark! 

*Disclaimer this list is comprised of places that I frequented while I was a broke college student, meaning I wanted the most bang for my buck.*
Sweet Basil: This is an Italian restaurant in which all of the food is home made. The flavors are great and the price is very good for the quality. There is a vodka sauce that would make an Italian that owns his own restaurant say that it is good.
Hunan King: The best Chinese restaurant in town. For $20 I can feed my girlfriend and myself, and take home leftovers. The buffet is lacking though.
Daddy's Hotdog Shop: When you first walk in and hear the head chef singing my heart will go on you know you found a good place. The food is fantastic and the head chef is very creative with his menu, also he will make menu items for fundraisers. Try the gyro cheese steak sandwich.
Bob's Subs: This is like subway, if subway knew how to put meat on a sub. It tastes far better and the price is great as well.
Pizza Pub: I work at a pizza place, and I would never get tired of Pizza Pub. Try their home style crust Buffalo chicken pizza.

Want to write your own Loving the Local List? You fill my heart with joy! Just send me a list of your five to ten favorite local brands and stores (it doesn't have to be just around the street- a State specific snack or small chain of restaurants works just fine). Write a few sentences on why you love each thing (and I love pictures if you have them) and send them to sunshineguerrilla@gmail.com.

Would you like to buy more environmentally responsible or Made in America products? I've got you covered! Check out my Mega List of Shopping Lists for tons of ideas for any shopping trip.

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