6 Things for Yesterday and Today- Two String Jane, David's Bridal, and the Pink Door

by - Monday, July 25, 2016

1. David's Bridal- In general, I would probably avoid the store, but I was pleasantly surprised that they do sell products (including a few dresses, but not many) that are made in America. They have a filter for it! If David's Bridal can support Made in America products, it really makes you wonder about companies who still can't answer the question.

2. Checking things off the To Do List- We keep plugging away at picture frames and edging stones and whatever the next project will be. I love that constant push toward progress and our total lack of perfection.

3. The Pink Door- We had our weekly date night and tried another one of Seattle's staples. It was nice to sit in the open air a stone's throw from the market and eat some delicious Italian food. Why can't bruschetta be a daily thing? Why aren't all foods bruschetta? Why are carbs so good? These are the questions I pondered while we had a really nice meal together (and then bought groceries, because, adulthood).
from Two Spring Jane
4. Two String Jane- I am slowly browsing through most of the Etsy stores in the Pacific Northwest, and I am finding all kinds of local gems. Today's favorite was Two String Jane's clean, fun, and bright t-shirts for kids and adults. I would buy all of them if I could.

5. Pizza- The Bub made his first pizza with his dad tonight, and I love seeing how meticulous and focused he gets with a task he likes (this applies to both of them). Also, I like when I get hot sausage pizza with onions, basil, and garlic. So delicious! So cute.

6. Snoqualmie Ice Cream, Franz bread, Tillamook Cheese, and Basil from the Backyard- I wonder if we could go an entire meal with only localish ingredients. Love how much you can tell where we live by what is in out cupboards.

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