Some Things to Feel Good About- Kids vs. McDonalds, UC San Diego Bottle Ban, and the Value of Values

by - Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I try to keep on top of the news around the environment, but I often cannot stand to read so much depressing news stories in a row. I am suspicious that this constant onslaught of bad news stomps out our motivation to try, because the problem just feels too big. On this blog, I am trying to propose an environmentalism that is personally sustainable- a bunch of little changes we can all keep up with, and I want to focus on the positive, not because I won't readily admit the problems we face are huge and important, but because good things are happening. It's worth focusing on and feeling empowered, because the changes we make CAN make a difference.

Wow, I am trying to think of a more depressing week for news, but it would be hard to top this one.I mean, just nothing kind to be found. But, there are good things out there!

1. Awesome Kids take on Plastic Straws- Meredith Moss in the UK started a petition to deliver to McDonald's CEO to encourage them to give up the plastic straws. Preach, girl! We use over 500,000,000 plastic straws A DAY, and if large restaurant chains like McDonalds gave them up or switched to paper, we could eliminate a tremendous amount of pointless. waste. Interested in backing her up? Read her story here, and even better, sign her petition here. Clean water is worth fighting for!

2. UC San Diego Bans Single Use Bottles on Campus- In the battle against single-use plastics, it doesn't get much better than a major university banning them completely. Please, let this continue to catch on. I don't think you can discount that a university right on the water can see the tremendous destruction caused by these bottles, and I am so pleased they are cutting the bottle (let's all follow in their lead). I am living for a world with boxed water, and I know it is coming.

3. Buffalo News "The Value of Values"- This article talks about the growing consumer investment in the ethics and values behind what they buy. It isn't just a race to the cheaperst option anymore, and thank God for that. Let's all keep learning this lesson and making the world better!

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