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by - Thursday, June 09, 2016

I love a good holiday decoration, and for many years, this time of year we would head off to Target or Michael's and buy oodles of goodies to guss up our space. Now, I am trying to approach holiday decorations a different way.

First, I am trying to get back to crafting. When I see a good idea that I can make, I am going to try to make it instead of buying something similar.

Second, I am WAY cutting down how much we buy. I think I will buy us 2 to 3 decoration pieces a year (minus Christmas ornaments, which is what we buy on trips) and make them something really special. So I have to really want it, because it might cost me a Halloween decoration later.

Third, we are using food as a key decoration, because then we can eat it. Nom nom patriotism.

Partially, we can do this because we already have LOTS of holiday supplies. We also have to do it because we have a toddler, and you want to minimize things they could eat, because he just needs to taste everything.

Most importantly, I really want to minimize the stuff in this house you might call "junk"- Made in Elsewhere, out of janky materials, and with no particular purpose or emotion attached to it. I will always have a special place in my heart for those early decorations, because I remember those days and being so excited to make a home together. But now, it would just be adding to the pile, so it's time to shift.

Some of the things I am pointing to are definitely more expensive than what you would buy at Michael's or Target. But some of them really aren't. So here are some good ideas for the 4th to buy or make:

Reclaimed Wood Flags

from The Scarlet Oak
I am plotting one of these for us this year. I love the combination of reclaimed materials that have history and the image of the American flag. There are so many of these on Etsy, so you can get VERY rustic ones with weathered edges or pretty clean ones. Bright colors, all natural, burnt, or  more subtle stains. Huge for outside or smaller for in the house. You can find one that fits your taste, but these are a few that I really like- The Scarlet Oak, The Polka Dotted GirlSimple Roots Decor, Handmade by Bry, Soulspeak and Sawdust, Tiffany H Designs, Renove Restorations, My Old Fence, Woodology, Hippie Hound USA, and HTX Southern Creations.

Have the pallet that needs a new life and want to make the flag yourself? Totally doable. In fact, I found 3 different tutorials, so I bet you can find one you really like- The Magic Brush, Crafty Morning, or  Plan it DIY. And really, so many different pieces could be turned into a flag, so be open minded when looking through what you have or buying materials used- U Create made a very pretty flag out of an old window.

Like the idea but want something with a little less impact? I love this one posted on glue dots that uses paint stirrers to make a small sign- I bet we even have enough old ones to use!

from For the Love of Maps
Want to display a flag that is totally different but also amazing? How about a signatures of history flag? For the Love of Maps out of Michigan makes this amazing flag print that has signatures of significant Americans (starting with some founding fathers) on all of the stripes. Doesn't this seem like an especially thoughtful 4th of July decoration? I also think it has some lovely subtext about how we all are contributing authors to this country. Mostly, it looks really cool. Definite winner!

United States Maps

from The Wooden Crab
Not into the flag motif? I have also seen some gorgeous reclaimed wood maps like this one from The Wooden Crab that look like an amazing addition to a house's decor year round if you wanted to go that route. I also love this one from The Rugged Heart, but it has a little more rustic an aesthetic.

from Kristin Douglas Art
Kristin Douglas Art makes the prettiest scratch off maps I have ever seen. This might lean a little feminine, but it does look beautiful and really special. I also think this River map is really subtle and pretty. From The Far Woods, you could put this anywhere in your house and have it fit right in while still being patriotic.

Throw Pillow Cases

from The Little Green Bean
This is one of my favorite decoration ideas, no matter what the holiday, because it has big impact and packs away into a teeny package. Pillows are easy to come by on Etsy- I like these ones from The Little Green Bean and the pretty text on this one from Two Peaches Design. Even better, you can transform the room very simply by playing with pillows like these.


from Gracie and Marie
So many choices! My favorite are these felt balls from Gracie and Marie- super cute and they can probably stand up to a lot. Two other options? Carkeet Creations and Ichabod's Imagination.


from Kelly Krafts 1

I love a good wreath. Last year, my mother-in-law gave us an adorable wreath just like this one from Kelly Krafts 1. I know wreaths can be a great (and relatively easy) one to make, and you can probably do it at a very low cost, so it might be a good option if you are feeling crafty! If you need a tutorial, check out this one from Home Crafts by Ali.

from Chatsworth Ranch
Chatsworth Ranch Co makes wreaths that resemble the flag but have their own warm and homey spin. I really think these are sweet. Fairy Mojo has a cool one made of felt.

Painted Jars

from Monogrammed Memories
This is another super cute idea that lots of us could probably make ourselves. If you want to just buy it, Monogrammed Memories makes my favorite version. Clever and really well done. My Heart by Hand does a really sharp rendition of this as well. Crafty Morning has a perfect tutorial for making jars you love.

A Few Odds and Ends

from Now Fancy That
If I make one thing this year, it will be a ribbon flag like this one. You could basically just use scraps from other projects, and it really looks so cute in the end! You can buy one at Now Fancy That or read a tutorial for a slightly more rustic version on Optimistic Mommy

from The Parties that Pop
I love these giant paper fans from The Parties that Pop- they look great, and I bet you could find a pin that teaches you how to make this.

Not enough crafts for you? Just starting a home with someone? So many crafts to try! Here is a long post of craft ideas with links to tutorials.

I will do a whole separate post on edible 4th of July picnic decorations (there is so much amazingness out there- how did people live without Pinterest?).

Curious about why I am trying to buy everything used or Made in America? Check out my About Me here. You can also find lots of great Made in America options on my Mega List of Lists!

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  1. I love the collection you've create here. So many beautiful items to celebrate the red, white and blue! Especially now, as we gear up for the Olympics.



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