Little Green Dress- Used Maternity Gem

by - Friday, June 03, 2016

This is a new weekly(ish) blog where I try to prove it is possible to wear Made in America and used/recycled clothing. You can have your own style, whatever that is, and still shop for more ethical clothing! You don't have to look granola or sporty (though if that's your style, that's awesome too).

I see tons of fashion blogs out there (Pinterest sends me there when I am trying to figure out what color shoes to wear and that kind of thing), but I don't see any so far that solely privileges ethically-made and environmentally conscientious clothing, and I feel like that is needed! I am going to start out with my own stuff, but what I would really love is to see other people's ethical fashion! The rules are simple:

1. At least one part of your outfit should be ethically-made.
2. Of course, a piece or two can be from your old collection. It's not eco-friendly at all to just toss everything you already own. Make the most of what you have, but let's try to shift our wardrobes piece by piece.

That's it! Please send me your pictures, because no one needs to just look at this mug. I am open to all genders, ages, etc. Together, we can normalize buying things for how they are made first, and how they look second.

Dress- Asos, bought used for 11 dollars
Similar dress on Asos new- 60 dollars

I love this dress, and it looks brand new, but I got it for so much less. If you are pregnant, I highly recommend checking out your local baby and regular consignment stores to see what they carry for maternity clothes. You can basically buy a whole wardrobe for what a few pieces might cost you. Plus, the relative time a prego wears these clothes is so short that things stay in very nice condition. Look at your Buy Nothing or local garage sales too, because you might find some real gems like this one! 

Don't have many options like these where you live? The internet has you covered! Thred Up (tons of Asos maternity items and shoes), Motherhood Closet, and all have large selections of used maternity clothes. All of them are cheaper than buying from stored like The Gap or Asos.  Don't waste your money on clothes you will wear for 6 months, tops! Share, get it used, and just buy essential pieces you can't find elsewhere!

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