6 Things from this Weekend- San Francisco Edition

by - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

1.Nostalgia Food- It's amazing how many of the things we miss from our five years in California are edible (also, my dentist and lady doctor- less edible, equally amazing). We drove all over the Bay getting our favorite sandwiches and paella, and it made for such a fun (and filling) weekend. I may never need to eat again, but I am sure the fetus would object. It really highlights a downside of eating local- when you go, you really miss the food!

2. Awe-inspiring Recycling- Rather than toss their horrible hotel art, the hotel we stayed at ingeniously re-used their pictures of flowers and columns to decorate their underground parking garage. I want to give whoever thought of this a hug, because it is both eco-friendly and hilarious.

3. Getting to put my Shoulders out there- I love the off the shoulder trend, but it is hard to pull off as a prego. This is a non-maternity, Made in the USA My Space dress (super affordable), sized up one size and cinched with a belt. I think it looked pretty cute in my second trimester, though now in my third it is really being put through it. Still, if you are like me and want one ruffly thing, this could be it

4. First Drawing as a Family of Four- Yes, Scorpion is a Scorpion. Still, pretty cute!

5. The Science of Sharing at the Exploratorium- This science center always has a space for social phenomena and learning, and right now the exhibit is about how and when people help each other and share. It was both depressing at times and really uplifting in others. It also made me feel really grateful for all the sharing cultures I have seen taking place. I truly believe God designed us to share as humans, and that if we want to do His will, we should give what we have constantly. It's interesting to see the instincts of self-preservation that keep us all from that goal, but I am going to keep trying and I hope you will too.

6. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge- The last time we did this, we were moving away from the Bay Area, driving up the coast to move to Seattle. I was also pregnant with The Bub, but I wouldn't find out for another week. It's only been 2 and a half years, but it does feel so much longer. Anyway, it was good to revisit the bridge with Baby in tow, and I felt way more choked up about the whole thing than I expected to.

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