5 Things for Memorial Day Weekend- Pact, Paint, A Veggie Garden, and the Cardboard Safari

by - Wednesday, June 01, 2016

from Carboard Safari
1.Cardboard Safari- One of my new favorite Etsy stores. I have never been that into the fake animal bust thing, but these are so cool looking, and I love all the recycled maps and modern art references. I am debating how to squeeze one into our nursery? Such a cool spin  on a kind of played out hipster motif.

2. Our First Garden- We finally finished putting in our little garden in our backyard, and I am maybe inappropriately proud of it. Like I have a second child, and it makes me dill and cilantro. It is already showing little signs of growth, so I am excessively excited about that too. And we did have fun putting it all together. Now our yard has berries, veggies, and herbs, so we are practically a fully functioning farm (I kid, The Boy will leave me before we get chickens).

3. The Latte Lie- This article from Slate has been on my mind a lot. It is a good reminder that the incredible cost of housing (and education) remains the largest hurdle our generation faces. At the same time, your latte may not be keeping you from millions of dollars, but it may keep you from things you want a lot more?

I keep thinking about how to live life more intentionally, to set goals and priorities and stick to them. Cutting down on spending on things like coffees or eating out definitely does add up to plane tickets or that thing you wish you had or taking steps out of debt. It may not cause all your financial problems, but it may keep us from what we really want.

This blog is basically arguing that our seemingly small habits do add up (in so many ways) so even if you can only manipulate a percentage of your income by thinking about the cumulative cost of cigarettes or book purchases, isn't it worth manipulating?

Also, no matter what, get a reusable cup, and the discount you get will pay for your latte some days. Nobody needs all those disposable cups.

4. Pact- I got The Bub socks and the Newer Bub a onesie. This fair trade brand makes really nice (and soft!) stuff that also uses clean energy! One of my favorite places for basics.

5. A Memorial Day Work Weekend- I wouldn't say we had no fun this weekend, but this may not be one we need to give its own scrapbook. On the other hand, we got so much done. Things that have lingered on our To Do lists all year actually got checked off. We finally painted the hall! We planted our garden! Things are happening, so thank goodness for that.

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