3 Things for this Weekend- Summer Fun Outside and Cream of Tartar

by - Monday, June 06, 2016

We expected this weekend to be busy (originally, we thought we would be traveling for one of the last times Pre-Scorpion), but for the second weekend in a row, plans didn't work out, so we had some low key time at home!

1. Cream of Tartar- It's not often that I win simple battles in practicality vs. eco-friendliness. Very often, my life now is trying to convince my husband it is worth it to pay a little more, but not this time! The Boy assumed it was cheaper to get the McCormick in a jar cream of tartar (we need those fluffy pancakes), but the bulk is way cheaper. Way! And we just put it in the old Cream of tartar container. So, if you have a store where you can replace your run out spices with bulk spices instead of another little plastic jar, go for it! It may save you money!

2. Playground Time- We went to a first birthday party and just played at our nearby playground, then on Sunday, we went to get our pictures taken at the playground too! A lot of time playing outside this weekend, and it suddenly feels like summer!

3. That Kids don't Care if Stuff is Used- Yesterday, we put our son in a kiddie pool gifted to us by our neighbors, wearing a swimsuit and swimshirt that we bought used, and swim diapers that we got on Buy Nothing as someone else's leftovers from last summer. Literally nothing in that experience was brand new (it probably cost us 7 dollars in all), but it was all new to him and he loved it. If only we could talk him out of drinking the pool water... then we would really have a success on our hands.

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