The Eco-Friendly and Made in America Wedding Registry- Just the Links- The Kitchen Appliances and Tools

by - Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This is the mini-version of the Kitchen Appliances and Tools blog! If you want to see the whole post, with all of my witty banter, click here. If not, this will give you all of the links I used so you can blast through that registry, making all ethical and Made in America choices! To see the whole registry, click here.

personalized cutting board from etsy store
from Milk and Honey Luxuries

Things to Register For

Blender, Food Processor, or Immersion Blender (2 of the 3)-Vitamix refurbished versions
Other Options- Vitamixsmaller-scaled onesOsterOster with Food Processor,  Kitchenaid

Can Opener- Made in USA Can Opener
Other Options- EZ Duz It Natural Home

Knife Sharpener- Rada Cutlery
Other Options- Chef's Choice

Lemon ZesterMicroplane
Other Options- Other Microplane Options

Peeler- Rada Cutlery
Other Options- Neaty Quality

Pizza Cutter- Natural Home
Other Options- Dexter RussellRada CutleryLooking Glass MemoryOld Tree Woodshop, and Epicurean

Potato Masher- Best Manufacturers
Other Options- Lehman's

Salt and Pepper Grinder- Fletchers Mill
Other Options- Chef SpecialtiesImperial, William BoundsAnchor HockingPeugeotPK Brown WoodworkingMine Your Treasure

Soup Ladle- Rada Cutlery
Other Options- Teals PrarieFine Wine CaddyFissler USAEtsy Vintage

Standing Mixer-KitchenAid mixer (check the blog for attachment options)

Other Options- Kitchen CarvingsRada CutleryDexter RussellLamson and GoodnowLaura's Last Ditch, Melinda Wedding Designs

Utensil Holders- Vitrified Studio
Other Options-Page Pottery, ClayliciousDowning Pottery.American Mug PotteryLehman'sUncommon Goods

Water Pitcher-Maeva pitcher
Other Options- Anchor HockingAPEC systemiSpring system

Whisk- Best Manufacturers
Other Options- Kokel CookwareSur la Table

Wooden Spoons-Allegheny Treenwoods
Other Options- Handcrafted Wooden SpoonsWhetstone WoodenwareLehman'sEpicurean,  Kitchen CarvingsOut of the WoodsJ HenryFandom NoveltiesHyde Park Home
whale oven mitt and pot holder

Things to Try to Find Used

Drying Rack/ Drying Mat-Drymats
Other Options- "Stupid Dishes" matUnited Solutions drying rack,  RubbermaidFull Circle

Dish Cloths-Country Cottons (also on Lehman's)
Other Options- Swedish dishclothsEveryDay WillowCity Threads towels, Kitsch, Ecarlate Boutique, Bazor Designs, Bruno and Betty, and Gingiber

Ice Tray-Kitch Easy Release
Other Options- True CraftwareHutzler

Oven MittsDuncan Loop Handle holders
Other Options- Duncan LoopMastradWilliams Sonoma, Hotstuff Chef Country Cottons, Jorja Porja, Linda's Handmade Dreams, Trinnyella, Collision Ware, Yoga Kitty Studios,

Pie Server-Dexter Russell
Other Options- Rada Cutlery, Studio by the Shore, Shop for Rustic Wedding

Rolling Pin- Epicurean
Other Options- Fletchers MillJ K AdamsCattails Woodwork,  Jacob BromwellVermont Rolling Pins

Slow Cooker- 360 Cookware

Spatula- Fletchers Mill
Other Options- Epicurean, Memories for Life, Jersey Wood

Spice Rack-Gneiss Spice
Other Options-J K AdamsTubular Spice Co,  Spring Valley Wood Shop, Sui Generis magnetic rackDunn RusticModern Rustic Charm

Wafflemaker-Nordic Ware
Other Options- "retro" waffle makerWilliams Sonoma

Things to Just Wait On

Cooking Twinemeat and for baking

Deep Fryer-Tramontina

Flour Sifter- Jacob Bromwell

Hand Mixer-  Kitchenaid

Ice Cream Scoop- Zeroll
Other Options- Rada Cutlery

Mortar and Pestle- JMP Soho
Other Options- Fletchers Millsglass ones

Other Ideas

Appliances- Big Chill 

Bread Box- J K Adams
Other Options- Lehman's

Cedar Planks- Kokel
Other Options-Western Cedar GrillingBridgewater Gourmet

Cheese Plate/Knife-John Boos 
Other Options- Uncommon GoodsFine Wine CaddyCatskill CraftsmanTableboards by Spinella

Espresso Machine- Breville

Ice Cream Maker-Immergood ice cream freezer
Other Options-Lehman's ice cream freezer

Kitchen Island- Herbs Furniture
Other Options-Catskills Craftsman

Pressure Cooker- All American
Other Options- Lehman's

Trivet- recycled metal trivets
Other Options- Out of the Woods USA

Want more Eco-friendly and Made in the USA registry? Click here! Want to do more ethical shopping in general? Check out my massive list of shopping lists!

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