3 Things- Roosfoos, Craig, and American Apparel

by - Saturday, May 21, 2016

1. The Roosfoos- How cute are these measuring spoons? I especially love that they stand up! Always excited to find another gorgeous option for kitchen goods, these ones made in Oregon. Really pretty.

2. Craig on Parks and Recreation- Billy Eichner is a national treasure, and I really like what he adds to Season 6. Still my favorite show, probably ever.

3. American Apparel's Initiative to Work with American Makers- What!?!? Does this sound slightly familiar to you? Me too. They are looking for makers in America who can produce 500 units to sell in their stores. I am OBSESSED with this idea, and I think it is one of the best things the company has done since the Dov Charney turnover. Bonus- their front page picture is mostly pretty respectful to women! Love it. American Apparel, I will keep giving you my money. Check out the entries here.

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