3 Things for this Weekend- Used Toys, Hutspot, and Warm Seattle

by - Monday, May 02, 2016

1. New (To Us) Toys- This weekend, The Bub got toys like it was Christmas. We finally found a Rocket Flyer Tricycle at Goodwill. They make them all overseas now, so it felt especially good to get a used one (especially at the third of the price- why didn't we buy everything at Goodwill before?). We also got a Vtech toy from a neighbor on Buy Nothing. So we got 120 dollars worth of toys for 27 dollars in all. And the Bub most enjoyed his dad soaking him with the hose. Still! It felt like a win. Buy toys used = take more trips.

2. Hutspot- We celebrated Queen's Day a few days late with our traditional meal of mashed potatoes stuffed with veggies and something that always looks like a a severed penis. Why do sausages look even more like a horror movie on mashed potates? I wonder if Beatrix approves of penis-related dinners. Also, I love the crayons in the background of this year's picture. Oh boy.

3. Seattle when it gets Warm- People in Seattle are hermits six months out of the year, then the city blows up the second it gets nice. I especially appreciate that as soon as the temperature rises over 60 degrees, people walk around near naked. No honey, you can play volleyball with a shirt on. It's not that hot and this isn't the beach. Relative temperature is a wonderful phenomena. I just love the Seattle joy when the sun comes out, even if I kind of like the dreary weather better.

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