5 Things for this Week- Polywood, The National Arboretum, and Storq

by - Saturday, April 30, 2016

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1. Polywood- I am psyched to see this brand of recycled plastic yard furniture is really taking off. You can buy them at Target or Home Depot now. This is exactly what I like to see, and eco-friendly and American-made option picking up speed and gaining mass appeal. Not to mention, their chairs and tables are beautifully designed and will last you forever. Looking for some outdoor furniture? Mix a piece or two of this with some secondhand pieces, and you've got yourself a comfy (and environmentally friendly) outdoor living space.

2. The National Arboretum- This beautiful park in Washington DC totally made my day. How snazzy is this purple puffy tree? It looks like little fairies nap on the flowers. Maybe not the most common stop in Washington DC, but I would definitely recommend going.

3. Watching this Guy Pitch- We flew across the country to watch a college baseball game- doesn't sound much like us, right? But it made me so excited for him to see that success and plus we got to have a pretty fun experience running around DC and Baltimore with our toddler. Our spawn are probably never going to have a ton of stuff, but I hope they have lots of good memories and adventures growing up.

4. Storq- Perfect, American-Made maternity clothes for the minimalist in all of us. Better to get a few things you will use a lot than a lot you will be retiring in a few months. This company is on to something by following that wisdom. More expensive, but also likely to be worn way more than whatever Liz Lange sweatshop-made nonsense you are about to buy at Target. I really love the pencil skirt. Also, Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity both have a lot of Made in America maternity clothes, so lots of options are out there.

5. The True Terror of The Boss- That horrible moment where, sitting in the movie theater, you realize Melissa McCarthey is Adam Sandler. So lazy. So ridiculously conservative and half-baked. What an opportunity wasted. Booo!

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