5 Things for this Week- Lorelai Gilmore, Paaduks, Lilac, and Recycling Cards

by - Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1. The Female Fantasy of Lorelai Gilmore- I am watching Gilmore Girls again, mostly to free myself from the grip of those elven Property Brothers, and I am struck by just how much Lorelai (and for another age group, Rory) is just a female fantasy for women of women. We all know what the male fantasy female character looks like (she is in every movie, one-dimensional, watches as things blow up), but I think the show's cult following mostly comes from the fact that these ladies are exactly what women wish they were. Ridiculously pretty, independent(ish), whimsical, friends with Melissa McCarthy, able to eat everything without consequence, constantly pined over everywhere they go, special, and speak with the intelligence and quick wit of someone with Jenji Kohan writing their lines. This is what (white American?) women wish they were. Superhuman and also just enough flawed. It's really fascinating that more shows haven't picked up on the effectiveness of this kind of writing (like an aspirational fairy tale for real people) and put it to use.

2. My First Fair Trade Shoes- I bought myself these Paaduk shoes as a birthday present. My new goal is to only buy fair trade or Made in America shoes and so far, these seem like a good first step (ah ha! Pun!). Paaduks are made in India and they use upcycled rubber as the soles. Also, pretty cozy and only a teensy bit big (aren't there little heel things to help your foot be less dainty?).

3. Total Fail Saturdays- Sometimes, you have days where everything goes perfectly, and you don't even notice. Thank goodness for days like last Saturday, so we can appreciate when things go well. It is also nice to remember that you can have a good number of disasters and as long as no one is on fire or attacked by a dog, it can still be a weirdly nice day.

4. Lilacs- Hello Spring, you are making things smell good everywhere.

5. St. Jude's Ranch Card Recycling Program- I am OBSESSED with this idea. I have tons of cards, because I hate to throw away someone being sweet, but what do you do with the piles? I love this idea; St Jude's ranch collects donated cards, then they reattach the the fronts to new backs, and they sell the cards to raise money. Genius. I am going to cut the notes off my cards and send them a huge box. You can get the address to send them your cards too here.

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  1. Don't forget "barely employed and yet still able to live like a corporate vice president."

    Also, if Lorelei is a female fantasy, what the heck is Rory?



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