3 Things- Puke, Sweatshirts, and Safeway Cookies

by - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

1. Being Puked on and Headbutted in the Same Day- And still having a pretty nice day. It's amazing how high your tolerance bar gets. It has to be how nurses emotionally survive the job or something, because these things sound so gross, and I guess they are pretty darn gross, but in the moment, you have a problem to solve.

2. Strawberry Moth- I bought this great new sweatshirt (printed on an American-made American Apparel shirt) from this Etsy store. It came fast, and it is cute as can be. I only buy a thing or two new in each size (most everything else in this outfit is hand me down or consignment), but I think this splurge was totally worth it (and pretty affordable too- I didn't even have to feel sad it was covered in dirt)! I love a bunch of other pieces from this store, especially the animal lover/ tree hugger/ humanitarian onesie.

3. Safeway Cookies- Gah, why are they so good? Glad to be reunited after a long Lent hiatus.

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