3 Things I Love Today- These Come From Trees, Gravel Baby, and USA Flapjacks

by - Monday, April 04, 2016

from These Come From Trees.com
1. These Come From Trees Stickers- I first spotted one of these in the EMP Museum in Seattle, and now I happily spot them in airports. These simple stickers are part of a guerrilla movement to remind the paper towel user that those towels come from somewhere, and they have actually proven to slow consumption of towels. It makes me smile in the face of things like the Bounty (?? I think Bounty) ad that suggests it is ridiculous to see paper goods as a precious object. But they are! They come from trees, which are damn precious, and this simple reminder removes the alienation people feel from the objects they use. I just think it's an awesome idea. If anyone still feels stumped on my birthday present...

2. Gravel Baby- Why does a child need a water table when they have rocks in the backyard? I'm kidding- I know those toys are oodles of fun, but it turns out my spawn is pretty well-pleased kicking the gravel around in our yard as long as I do it too. It was a sweet reminder that the only toy kids really need at this age is someone to play with. Everything else is extra fuss.

3. Kodiak Flapjacks- Made in the US, but even better is when somebody let's me know they discovered an awesome new Made in America brand. I love any time someone is psyched about their garbage bag or brags about their secondhand finds. Changing your shopping is such a fun, weird challenge, and I love to see what you are coming up with!

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