3 Things for Yesterday- Patels, Lilacs, and Restaurant Week

by - Friday, April 15, 2016

1. Meet the Patels- This documentary about dating, love, and how family and culture plays into our idea of what a perfect mate is was both funny and a lot deeper than I originally expected. When there is so much crap to watch, it is genuinely wonderful to watch a bunch of people genuinely love each other and root for each other, even if miscommunication and family pressure still happens. Also, it's hard to feel too bad about a world where you can then immediately look the subject up on instagram and see how he is doing now. It makes the world feel really small in a good way. A good one to watch on Netflix if you have a minute!

2. Our New Lilac Bush- Planted in our backyard and a really pretty purple color. Excited to have that smell in our backyard. I think everything else we are adding this year is some sort of food, so it's basically our only impractical plant. Maybe that's why I like it best. Lilac always smells so good.

3. Seattle Restaurant Week- We have a crazy long list of restaurants we still want to try nearby, but somehow we mostly end up back at our favorite spots. Restaurant Week forces us to be brave, and sometimes it turns out awesome. Plus, we all need more enabling to eat out, clearly.

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