Three Things for Yesterday- Cuban Sandwiches, Walks, and DeKooning

by - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

1. Cuban Sandwiches- Who knew! I never took the leap to try one before, because I am not much of a pickle girl, but The Boy made them with a Blue Apron box and recipe, and it tasted pretty good! On the other hand, I still don't need plantains. maybe ever, but I did like being pleasantly surprised! Also, how did I not like mustard for so long? It's so good!

2. A Walk with these Two- Sometimes, it is the little things, like watching a baby walk up their very steep hill of a street. He does it with such panache.

3. DeKooning- I am currently reading a non-academic, not well-cited historical autobiography on an artist. The kind of thing art historians really hate. I sometimes feel that pang of resent for flowery language and heavy lean on narrative, but mostly? I love it. Happy to be free enough from my academic leanings to actually enjoy an art biography. So fun!

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