3 Things- Recycling, Glasses, and Baby Food is All the Food

by - Thursday, March 17, 2016

1. You can recycle ANYTHING- Currently pumped about this article, which charts out how to recycle so many of the objects we usually think of as pure garbage and nothing else. So motivated by this. I would like to get us down to one garbage bag of landfill-bound junk a month!

from Williams Sonoma
2. Glass cups with lids- I know people need these for their smoothies and such, and I think they might be great for older toddler, but I love that they are mostly made of glass and made in the US! I just didn't know these existed, and I am psyched they do. You can get them at Williams Sonoma.

3. The Bub and All Food- He will eat it all! It makes me feel self-conscious that our 16 month old is a less picky eater than I am. He ate all our mushrooms tonight, then ate a load of spaghetti with pure joy. I don't love anything as much as that boy loves food.

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