3 Things- Cherry Blossoms, Veggies, and Clayliscious

by - Saturday, March 19, 2016

1. Tandoozy and Cherry Blossoms- We had an uncharacteristically unproductive day today, but we still headed out to buy some groceries at our favorite farmers' market (do you have any nearby? It feels lame at first, but they really can be awesome), ate Indian food out of a giant piece of naan for lunch, and walk to University of Washington to see the cherry blossoms. They were beautiful, as were the crowds of people who just came out to see them. I feel like they should have a tree-planting drive this time of year, because so many Seattle residents are feeling awed by this particular set of trees. And it was really pretty!

2.  Perennial Vegetables- We are on the brink of planting our first vegetable garden (with our gardener's help, because we have basically everything to learn), but I have been reading up and thinking about what we should grow. I am kind of obsessed with the idea of perennial vegetables because I am lazy, and I wouldn't have to plant them again. This article was helpful in getting information and convincing me that veggies are also out of my league. Can't win them all!

from clayliscious
3. Clayliscious- No one needs that much pottery, but this store has really fun and smart ceramics that serve more purposes. Favorite store I saw while poking around on Etsy today.

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  1. Nothing lame about farmer's markets. I wish I had some here!



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