3 Things- Blog Improvement, Distractions, and Leslie Knope Bags

by - Tuesday, March 01, 2016

1.Building up the Blog- I am trying to work on my blog photography to make the blog more inspirational/ pinnable. Still working on that, but I am also looking for suggestions of things you want to see and shopping you still have questions about. Please let me know your suggestions- trying to make this a great resource!

2. Things that Aren't Super Tuesday News- It makes me really sad. Like, really really sad that people who aren't getting much success choose to identify with the people who are oppressing them. It continues to baffle me, and like most of us, I am really afraid what months and months of this disgusting rhetoric does to American discourse (because I just can't imagine it's good). I am holding out that the tides can change- when Matt Walsh and Planned Parenthood are back to back on the #nevertrump twitter feed, you know something is going on. Still, it's hard to not feel completely devastated that so many people are out there feeling so afraid and angry (with all the profound ugliness that comes with those emotions), because how do you help them? How do you help them see that this path won't help them? Can you? I don't know, but I just feel sad they are so miserable/disempowered that this buffoon seems like a good option.

Also, as a side note, if both Bernie and Trump are getting a lot of their steam from the premise that they aren't accepting big money, therefore working for the American people not just the big pockets, can we agree this is a deeply felt frustration across parties? If the people hate it, all the people regardless of political party, what is an effective way to put pressure on our leaders for less donations or more transparency. Something. It feels like this frustration is at the heart of so much and so many, so we need to flex some muscle and change it.

Ok, I realize I just talked a bunch of politics right here, but I am really enjoying distractions like Property Brothers and websites about ethical clothing for women (yep, it's coming... do jewelry? Accessories? Underwear? What would be helpful?). I will even settle for the fat lip my baby gave me (do other people worry their child is a fledgling sociopath? Is that just all toddlers?) Also, the Boy is making cake. So many distractions.

from Homme Sur La Lune
3. This Bag- I mean, come on! I love that this exists, and it just makes me so happy.It's from Etsy seller Homme Sur La Lune, and I love them forever. Adding it to my "someday" wishlist, which is of course endless (because when you spend this much time on Etsy). For goodness sakes, I love it so much.

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