Guess Who's Back!

by - Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sorry friends! We headed off to Tennessee for the weekend, and I took not having internet at my aunt's as an opportunity, so I know I have been off the grid. But we're back! From outer space! Here are my three things for while I was gone:


  Brunch Dates at SeaTac- Last time I saw my mom, we were saying goodbye at the airport, and this time, here she was to take a trip with us! You know what is awesome? Grandmas. Especially grandmas who are actually happy to go change a diaper or chase a baby around an airport at length. What a saint of a woman.I seriously adore her. 

The Detroit Airport Shuttle- It may just be the coolest, even if I still don’t totally understand how and where you get on it. It feels like a shuttle for Modernist angels.

Nashville Airport’s Enterprise- Have you ever had a positive experience renting a car? Me either, but the Nashville Airport has the fancy pantsiest airport ever. 

ON THE OTHER HAND, why in goodness name do companies give mini water bottles out? Really guys, thanks for the two swigs of water and eons of waste. Why not just hand out shot sized bottles? There has to be a better way!


 Maple Buckets- Roberto and Aunt Ann bought land out by their house, and beyond the glamour of their forthcoming cabin (12 volt electricity! Indoor plumbing, maybe!), I really love that they learned how to make their own maple syrup from their trees. I even got to eat some, so that was delicious! And what a cool/ random thing to learn how to do.

Spending Galentine's Day with the Original Galentines- I love my mom and her sister's relationship. I find it so inspiring how they continue to support, love, and pray for each other. This day, which is all about the love and friendship between women, came at the perfect time, because I jut love to see them together, egging each other on to get haircuts and have a glass of wine. Love them so much!

Plastic Bag Anxiety- We ran out for groceries, and it made me appreciate Seattle's No plastic laws so much more. The bagger put one bunch of a bananas in a bag by itself. What?!? Why???? First of all, why do plastic bags even still exist??? At the VERY least, everything should switch over to paper, a way more eco-friendly choice, longterm. I love you all. If you live in a place where plastic bags are still an option, please opt out. Reusable bags and paper bags are always a better choice. I feel like a generation from now, we will feel shame about how long we let this go on when it is so obviously awful for the earth. 


Sex Cake- Ok, maybe slightly less fun than it sounds. This cake had a secret in it about my cousin's coming baby! It made for a tasty and suspenseful reveal, since the cake was threatening to fall apart all on its own. Perfect Valentine's Day treat, and we are so excited for them!

Cousins- So fun to see them playing now that they are all old enough to play. Also a good reminder that with the right company, a door to bang on or two blankets for Tutu to make into a tent is all the toys kids need. Seriously, their demands seem pretty low. 

Tacos- You can't go wrong with tacos. Everyone likes them.


M Rena Layering Tanks- My cousin Shelly recommended these way back when she was pregnant with her first baby, and I bought three. They are my favorite tank tops by far, and I used them so much that I wore off the tag on the inside, so I didn't know who made them. But I loved them so much, and my mom liked to steal them from me. They wear super long, so you can wear them with complete confidence your business isn't hanging out in any direction. I love the fabric, and I really do wear them all the time. I finally went back to the store in Murfreesboro to buy more, and I can see that they are made by M Rena in the USA.


It's Christmas Day, people. This is like winning the lottery- guilt-free absolutely perfect tank tops. They are a little more expensive, but you will get years of use out of each one, so in the end I bet you save money. You can buy some variations on Amazon (I can't speak to the shorter ones, but I am sure they are great, and will probably never buy another tank from anyone else again) and the long ones we like on Adorn

Once Upon a Child- One of these days, I am going to make a giant list of all the kids' consignment stores out there, because 15 months into parenting, I am convinced you can get 90% of your baby's clothes and toys (at the least!) used. There is so much out there, at places like this store, which is epically huge and filled with good deals. They wear things for such a short time, and it makes so much more sense, for the environment and for your finances, to buy good-looking things used! I also thought it was cool that this store has a kid area, so you can drop your little one off while you browse. And it is packed from floor to ceiling. Don't buy a play mat, they are at every consignment store! Buy less, buy used, and do more!

Pesto- Right now, I will eat anything with pesto on it. Not sure where the obsession came from, but it is here with a vengance.


These picture- So cute! Also, this girl rocks a ponytail like no other. Cindy Loo Who wishes she was her. Adorable.

Flying with Three Adults- Holy moly, things are so much easier with another pair of hands. I like taking up our own row as well, because someone doesn't have to be stuck there resenting us when we fly. 

Bryan- We flew with Alaska, which is my favorite airline anyway, but we had the BEST flight attendant of all time. He actually helped people switch seats at the end of the flight when it was clear they might not make their connection. He helped families (including ours) sit together, and he just became my favorite person. It served as a great reminder that treating your job like a fun challenge instead of a horrible burden totally changes everything for everyone involved.


Scalia and RBG- I have been very discouraged with many of the reactions to this man's death on either side of the political line. The only thing I've read on it that was inspiring was accounts of his genuine friendship with RBG which transcended individual politics with a deep concern for the greater good and a love of the constitution. Also, they both loved opera. Sometimes, it's a wonderful and strange world. 

Goodwill Shopping for Decorations- I hit a goldmine this time, and it made me excited to kick off birthday week (even though I am crazy behind at everything in life). Wait til you see what we got. Dames and Dinosaurs, here we come! Also, it was super fun to goodwill shop with my mom, who found all kinds of goodies she felt nostalgic about. 

Sister Act- That movie is all kinds of awesome! I loved it even more than I remembered loving it! So good, so funny, and so bechdel test destroying! I am convinced we picked an awesome theme this year. 

Did you make it the whole way through? Amazing! I barely did! We will get back in the swing of things soon, I promise, and I have lots of new ideas on what to write about in the next few weeks. 

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