7 Things for this Week- Dinosaurs, Evil Husbands, and Homemade Pasta

by - Sunday, February 28, 2016

1. The Dinosaur Shelf- Our kitchen island has shelves, but currently they have one very important use. To hold dinosaurs. I am sure that's what Herbs Co. had in mind for his islands.

2. Carol Prusa, Butch Anthony, and Corinne May Botz- These artists are the ones that most excited me when I genomed them this month for Artsy. Carol Prusa makes these incredibly cool orbs covered in natural, sometimes flower-like designs. I have never seen anything like them. I also love the photography work of Corinne May Botz, especially her series on surveillance and medical spaces. The dehumanizing effect of being in the hospital is sometimes discussed, but she raises many interesting questions around it in this series. Lastly, Butch Anthony is totally original and slightly insane. I love any artist who can make funny and unsettling work at the same time, and it reminds me so much of Mumler's ghost photographs. He lives way off the regular art track, and artists like him make me love my job, because how do you even discover something this great otherwise?

Something older your thing? Check out Daniel Vierge- the "Father of Modern Illustration." I didn't know of him before, but what a badass. I love his work.

3. Surprise Galentine's Day Gift! I got a wonderful surprise from my cousin Paige for Galentine's Day. Awesome on like a thousand levels, not the least of which that Galentine's Day is a totally made up holiday that deserves to have national recognition (obviously). I also love that she got me a magnet that totally sums up my feelings on life from Etsy (why it came this week- Etsy time). It was a great reminder too that sweet gestures can mean so much to the receiver. So lucky to have such a thoughtful person as a cousin and friend!

4. Boy's Day Out- Oh, I loved it. I mean, I spent hours in a row working, without any small person yelping at me, and it felt like heaven.

5. The Boy on Villainy- I love that when we watch action movies, The Boy yells at the villains like they are an underperforming football team missing a kick. Yes, the Middle Earth pirates should have hit Viggo with an arrow sooner, but Peter Jackson is building up to the Ghost Army! Also, while we are on the subject- why didn't we just bring the invincible ghosts with us to Mordor? And where the hell were the eagles before?

6. America's Test Kitchen- The Boy and Bub watch one episode of this cooking show while he has his last Bubba for the day. Judge all you want, it's the cutest, and Christopher Kimball can't possibly be frying my toddler's brain too significantly.

7. Our First Homemade Pasta- Well, we all know The Boy did it, but I helped a little! He received the Kitchenaid attachment as a gift for his birthday, and it was so much faster than I expected. So excited to spend the year testing out recipes and trying new things! Plus, it tasted so good! Fresh pasta, hot sausage, garlic, peppers, and zucchini. So simple and so cool.

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