6 Things for this Weekend

by - Sunday, February 07, 2016

1. Being Bums- The Boy's version of "doing nothing" still includes a lot of productivity, so we got quite a lot accomplished on this lazy weekend! And we watched half of the extended Return of the King, so that feels like an accomplishment on its own.

2. Oliberte- I am doing research for a blog on ethically-made shoes (check in on Tuesday!!), and this African company is my new favorite. I know this sounds lame, but finding things like this make me feel so encouraged that there are so many smart and conscientious people out in the world. I also just want to buy all of their stuff just to be supportive.

3. Best Picture Book 2015- I know this is behind, but I am so behind on everything. I really like making this book, because if you take tons of pictures like I do, you are bound to happen upon a couple of gems. It also motivates me to keep having adventures and taking pictures, because I just see all the photos and moments and think "Oh man, I thought this year was boring!" Want to feel more positive about life? Buy less stuff and take more pictures. It sounds silly, but it becomes a daily exercise in gratitude.

4.Not Watching the Superbowl- I didn't miss it. I want to feel like I did, but I just didn't. We had State Fair and Parks and Rec on this afternoon instead. Not bad, and way fewer concussions. That being said, I did watch a clip of Leah Still at the NFL awards and teared up, so it's not like I am too cool for this stuff. I am not too cool for anything, and that's how I like it.

5. The Bub's Love of Bread- This morning, I turned to finish dishes, and when I turned around, he worked a french baguette off the island and was munching away. Should I be angry? Maybe. But all I feel is pride. That's a toddler move I can respect (the other day he tried to color my John Wayne make up tin purple too). This kid is a keeper.

6. Beyonce and Bruno Mars Dance Off at the Superbowl-  Even a teensy bit political while also being super fun keeps it way more interesting.They were awesome together.

As a side note, I have said it before and I will say it again now, Bruno Mars's horn line is a national treasure. I don't think my fave was playing (Kameron Whalum, and he was in a dance off with Beyonce. A trombone player in a dance off with beyonce for goodness sake!), but they were still amazing.

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