3 Things- Mark Kirk, Face Sockets, and Oyster Fires

by - Monday, February 22, 2016

1. Senator Mark Kirk- That goodness for politicians who put their purpose (to move the country forward) above their "team." This isn't a football game, people. We are all on one team. I am just so encouraged by this man who spoke about this in a smart and non-ridiculous way, which is a real departure from both sides politicking it to death.

from Electric Sticker Co.
2. Face Sockets- Electric Sticker Co. makes my new favorite house accessories. Everybody clearly needs a batman socket. They are super cute, and the kind of thing that just makes me feel grateful to live now, not some other time, because people are so creative and funny.

3. Celery Root and Oyster Fires- We had a big date night for The Boy's birthday, and we went to Westward on Lake Union. Not the best thing ever, but their view is amazing, and they have a fire pit surrounded by oyster shells. I love this idea. So cool! We also tried celery root for the first time, and we liked it! Yay for trying new things!

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