3 Things for Today- Shopping Ethically, Gravel Raking, and Recycled Wrapping Paper

by - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

from pinterest
1. This- I am grateful pins like these exist, because it means lots of people, more everyday are deciding to care about shopping less and shopping better. It makes me sad that the person who made it never heard of the Buy Nothing Project! It changed how I approach my daily life and stuff, it builds community, and it helps you cut down what you buy and what you needlessly keep. Be sure to check their website- more groups are starting all the time, so there might be one where you are (you could also be like my amazing and wonderful Melissa and start one yourself)!

2. Weeding with a toddler- Man, he loves pushing gravel around with a rake. Not super helpful, but he was so into it I got to work on the yard for over an hour. It felt miraculous to do anything productive that long!

from Norman's Printery
3. Norman's Printery- All Recycled, All Made in the USA wrapping paper. And it all looks so cool. Way cooler than any gift I have ever given. I just felt psyched to see all recycled wrapping paper (because it should all be this way!). Thought I would share this awesome Etsy Store!

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