This Year's Birthday Movie Marathon- Help us Pick the Movies!

by - Thursday, January 21, 2016

For those of you that don't know, every year I throw The Boy a birthday movie marathon. He doesn't really like having a real birthday party, because it feels like too much pressure, so we nest just the three of us, watch tons of movies, and eat themed-food. The weekend always tops my list for favorites of the whole year. So while we were away, we talked about different themes, and the one we picked was... (imagine drumroll here)

Dames and Dinosaurs! 
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That's right, we are combining Angela Lansbury and Jurassic Park. Two things that always go together. Peas and Carrots. But now we have two problems: 

1. This things actually never go together. If someone can find me a movie with a distinguished British actress riding a dinosaur, you will be my best friend forever. 

2. There are so many options! So many! What are your favorite dinosaur movies? How about Judi Dench movies? 

This is certainly the most open theme we've had so far, so I feel excited to come up with some really fun stuff! Feel free to share your ideas with me and I will share what I find. 

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