My Ten Favorite Finds of 2015

by - Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Because I spent 2015 doing so much research on the eco-friendly and local options for what we buy,  I found lots of things I loved in the process. These products all live in our house now, and they are great for us, as well as being better for the environment!

1. Fisher Fair Scones (and Scone Mix)- This is a stand in for all the cool Washington-specific goodies we have discovered this year, from Seattle Chocolates to Skagit Valley Bacon (life-changing). The Pacific Northwest has so many amazing local foods, and I am excited to explore more of them. Fair Scones are my favorite, because we made fun of it when we first saw these big SCONE signs at the fair. Who eats scones at a fair? Then, we noticed the answer was everyone. The line was so long at every seemingly-ridiculous scone booth. If you have ever moved to a new place, you know your best bet is to get in the long line, because everyone knows better than you do. In this case, it was so right! We had an amazing Strawberry Shortcake, and we lust over the scone mix at the grocery store all of the time. 

2. Decomposition Books- I carry a little nautical number in my purse (more like a diaper yacht) when I leave the house, so if I have a good idea, I can write it down. I love them. Clever idea, great design, made in Brooklyn New York with recycled paper and soy ink. I can’t sing enough praises for these little notebooks, and I don’t think I would ever go back to virgin tree books.

3. Lifefactory Bottles- Both the Bub and I carry ours, and the glass and silicone design makes them easy to carry and way better for the environment than disposable plastic bottles. I just think they are adorable andglass bottles have worked really well for the Bub too. Need more ideas for a water bottle to love? Check here!

4. American Apparel Baby Clothes- I am not sure the world is ready to see me in this brand’s clothes for adults (I mean, spandex dresses with slits up to my armpit are for weekends only), but American Apparel’ssimple onesies and sweatshirts are the absolute staples in The Bub’s wardrobe. No cutesy sayings, great colors, perfectly comparable prices (you can pay for labors not sparkly doodads) and they can survive our Hulk-child, so I call that a win. When in doubt for a baby shower, anything from their baby department is sure to be a staple in a sea of cutesy business. 

5. Yoda Hat- While we are on the subject of baby clothes, we mostly discovered the glory of used children's clothing in 2015 (the coat and hoodie in this picture are both consignment buys), but I did love finding a few adorable pieces that are all The Bub's own. My favorite is this Yoda Hat from Unforgettable Stitch, because I love a good baby melon. And I would never object to baby clothing with ears. 

6. Uncle Goose Blocks- You have heard me sing this brand’s praises before, but come on, they are American gems! Covering everything from Japanese characters, to nursery rhymes, to the periodic table (I mean, how American is that? So many different cultures), these blocks are smart, beautifully-made, and The Bub loves to throw them and knock them over. I am sure we will get to the nursery rhymes more substantively later. These blocks and ANYTHING made by Green Toys are the absolute favorites in this house.

7. LL Bean Rug- Braided rugs remind me of home and family, and I always wanted them in my house. For my birthday, The Boy bought one to fill our dining room. I love how resilient it is against a constant downpour of cheerios, and it really looks beautiful. Plus, it was made right in North Carolina, so it didn’t have to travel too far to get to our house!

8. Epicurean Cutting Boards- Technically, we did not discover these this year, as they have been in our kitchen since California. But we didn’t realize that this company makes these long-lasting and recycledboards here in the US. I don’t know that I would ever switch to another cutting board now! And they have so many choices.

9. Dinosaur Tail- Since the Bub was being a viking for Halloween, we thought it would be fun for the Boy to be a dragon (a la How to Train your Dragon). He made most of his costume out of an American Apparel sweatshirt, but he needed a tail. I contacted KidHub on Etsy and asked if she could make a tail to fit an adult. I am so glad it all worked out and it is so adorable! I also love it because she made it so we could make it work for a kid too. 

10. Autumn Moon Laundry Soap- I tried this soap as an alternative to the store brands, which use SO MUCH plastic! It's time in our house to turn away from as much of this plastic jug nonsense as I can. I wasn't sure at first how it would go, but I love Autumn Moon Soap Company's version, and it's amazing how long it has lasted (maybe I need to do laundry more?). I am still dreaming of making my own, but I bet I will order more of this as backup anyway.  

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