6 Things for this Week (and Last)

by - Friday, January 29, 2016

Craziness took over this week when we hit the ground back here. I had to do a whole month's worth of work in half the time, so I left all of you hanging, and spent most of my free time on Artsy. Dang you, adulthood! Why don't I make oodles of money researching American-made wheelbarrows and writing about my favorite sandwiches? No one wants to pay me to give opinions (perhaps rightly so) and The Bub still hasn't figured out how to take care of himself, so the blog sometimes has to hit the back burner.

1. Cleaning out the Basement- We had Martin Luther King Jr Day off from both of our jobs (Monday is my meeting day), and the babysitter came, so what did we do with a whole day free? Cleaned out our basement, obviously! So far, we have given away over twenty items on Buy Nothing in 2016 (in the week and half since I started this blog, we are up to 35-40)! I am going to try to keep count (my goal? 2016 donated items for 2016- it sounds crazy until you realize the average American home has 300,000 items in it).

Our poor basement served as a catch all, so we had all sorts of nonsense lingering down there, but now it is about 90% organized, and another hoard of stuff is headed off to people who can use it. Oodles of fun, right? What a bunch of live wires!

2. Tacos for Charity- Pescado Bueno had a fund raiser for a food bank on MLK day, so we got live music and that feeling that you helped someone with our tacos! This led us to debate whether you could work it to be at a fundraising dinner every night for the rest of your life. The Boy wanted to know if you could get a tax deduction on all your meals. Clearly, such good samaritans.

from lines and colors
3. Ingres Baby- I love Lines and Colors, because it often features pencil sketches and studies that you might pass by without a prompt to give it closer inspection. I love Ingres' ladies, but I really love the sweetness of this baby portrait as well. An old highlight from the blog, but one I appreciated this week.

4. Refashionista- Maybe my new favorite blog! This woman takes the tackiest finds in thrift shops. You know, the ones you try on as a joke, and she turns them into gorgeous fashionable outfits. She does it because she realized how wasteful and destructive fast fashion (made in China, cheap, basically everything you find at Target or Forever 21) is, and she wanted to show that recycling has tons of gorgeous opportunities. And you poke through the pages, and she just nails it again and again. I am so inspired by this woman, and she shows the possibilities are endless, and that setting limits on your consumption makes room for all sorts of creativity and style.

5. Cinerama Treats- To preface this, I am not endorsing chocolate popcorn. We tried it. It tasted kind of like s'mores, but worse. On the other hand, this fancypants theater (another Paul Allen joint) has to be respected for its collection of all local treats- Cupcake Royale cupcakes (THE BEST- do not let us not take you there the next time you visit), Cougar Mountain Cookies, even local drinks! When local businesses support other local businesses (instead of just serving the same stuff you can get anywhere, everybody wins. Especially me, because I know another place to get cupcakes.

6. Chasing Wheelbarrows- Do you know you can get recycled wheelbarrows and ones made in the US? They are a little more expensive, and that may not be worth it to us, so now we found a secondhand building supply store in Seattle. Because if it doesn't matter enough to you to buy an ethical option, you can probably stand the slightly beat up used option too! I will let you know how it goes, but if my research has taught me anything, it's that you can find almost anything if you just put "Made in the USA" in the search line.

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