3 Things for Yesterday- Buy Me Once Shopping, Tights, and my In-Laws

by - Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1. "Buy me Once" Shopping- My cousin Shelly shared this article yesterday, and I am so excited about it. Happy to see how many fronts are pushing for this much more waste-free lifestyle, and I am hoping eventually this will be the norm, not the exception!

2. American Apparel Tights- I am doing all our trip laundry, and these purple tights went through the ringer, because we hiked all over the place in the rain in these, and they still look great. Glad to have some tights that hold on.

3. In-Laws- I am not sure we could have survived jumping back into normal life without their help, and we really love having them in the house. We have lots of fun and it's good to see them with the baby in his space where he is talkative and crazy.

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