My Ten Favorite Meals from 2015

by - Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's December, which means time for the End of the Year Lists! If you asked me before I started these how the year went, I would have said we didn't have a very busy year compared to previous ones, but 2015 was totally full of awesome!

10. Lobster Mashed Potatoes- The kind of thing you only get at an anniversary dinner (we went to a steakhouse- Daniel's Broiler- for our leather anniversary, and it was everything you would think it would be) but it was pretty delicious! It felt really decadent and fun, and it made for some pretty fancypants leftovers.

9. Spinach Ravioli- I didn't think there was anything on Leonardo's menu that I didn't know about (I mean, I was a regular even before The Boy and I were dating), but I tried the spinach ravioli last trip, and I have been thinking about it ever since! Happy to branch out a little from pizza slices and Chicken alfredo.

8. Peruvian Food by the Light of a Cell Phone and Inka Cola- Visiting Colorado, we ate at a peruvian place by Melissa's house (you can't go wrong with food from Peru). The electricity was out a good part of our meal, but it didn't stop us from having a great time and delicious food. I had grilled chicken with some kind of pesto-y noodle thing. Delicious and a great memory all in one.

7. My Mom's Applesauce- I have never been an applesauce girl, but my mom made a huge batch out of all the apples in our backyard, and it was so tangy and cinnamony and delicious. Our first batch of food sourced right out of our backyard, and it was so good! I can't believe we let all of those apples go to waste last year.

6. Toulouse Petit's Biscuits and Gravy- I decided I really like biscuits this year because of this simple dish from many brunches (also an amazing strawberry shortcake from biscuit box at Bite of Seattle). I liked the spicy gravy, and biscuits turn out to be great! They are bread, but even worse for you- mmm good! Biscuits are here to stay. Biscuits and gravy not so much. After ordering them at numerous restaurants, I can definitively say that biscuits and gravy goes from charming gross to just gross about when they take the green onion away. Why doesn't everyone use green onion on everything? You can't go wrong!

5. Paella- The Boy had a kickass year of seafood cookery, and he has perfected his paella recipe. Come visit and we will make it for you. It's awesome! Maybe the strongest part of his cooking game now. Even better because we ate it with friends, sitting on our back porch, enjoying the ridiculously beautiful Seattle summer. Win all around, for sure, and perfect for special visits (not so much for the everyday.

4. Poke- We have visited Hawaii six times since my mom moved there, but this was the first trip where we tried Poke (at Harbor House). It was so good! If you like any kind of tuna sushi, you will like poke, which adds seaweed into the mix. Seasoned and dressed perfectly. It's not anything fussy, just fish and flavor. I can't wait to go back and get more poke!

3. Fisher Scones and Strawberry Shortcake at the Washington State Fair- When we first saw the big signs for scones at the fair, we made fun of it. Why would you think of a scone as fair food? Then, we noticed the lines. Clearly, we needed to try it. We are converts. Perfect and delicious strawberry shortcake! So sweet and the biscuits are flaky and light. We will go back to the State Fair next year, and we won't say it at first, but we will really just be headed back for the scones. And it will be worth it!

2. Mr Gyros Chicken Shwarma- It feels like we have eaten here longer, because it is our go to take out spot when cooking just feels like one too many grown up things (so, all the time). I love chicken schwarma, and their salad is the best ever. The Boy loves their gyro so much that we blew off his surprise fancypants dinner reservation to go get it. Probably not the healthiest meal, but I love it.

1. Oysters at Ballard Annex and The Walrus and the Carpenter- This was the year of the oyster, and we had some amazing ones. The Walrus and the Carpenter has a pretty amazing reputation in Seattle, and I would say for good reason- we had an amazing time both nights we  were there. We had one great night catching up with friends and another sitting at the counter celebrating our twelfth anniversary. We even had oysters to celebrate The Bub's first birthday! I am not sure I could have ever predicted loving these slimy raw fish in the shell, but they are so salty, sweet, and briny at the same time. Saying something tastes like the ocean doesn't sound like a compliment, but it so is. The goal is to learn how to do them ourselves next year, but this is the year I fell for oysters.

When I started writing this post, I told the Boy I wasn't sure I would have enough to have a top ten, but there were 7 runner ups! The best part of making lists like these is the reminder that when nothing much really happens, actually a lot happens! What were some of your favorite meals from this year?

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