2015 Goals- How'd We Do?

by - Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's that time of year where I start to reflect on how the past twelve months unfolded, and I try to be honest about where I succeeded so I can set better goals for the coming twelve months. I realize 13 months into motherhood that the control I used to have over these things has greatly diminished, but it still feels like a healthy exercise. I mean, as John Lennon says, "So this is Christmas, and what have you done?"

1. Keep Making Goals and Trying to do Better- I think I definitely did this- in fact, I kind of think I set too many goals! Now everyday, I go to bed feeling frustrated, because I didn't get half of my list done. Does anyone else feel like this? I hear the solution is to set more realistic goals, but here is the thing. How do people with fewer goals get anything done? And how are they not bored to tears? So, the Bub has not kept me from making goals, but he certainly keeps me from finishing them! But the blog has a new focus now, and that excitement has kept me constantly brainstorming new ideas. I have been working on my photography, finishing my mega movie quest (which I will never do), and trying to get healthy after baby (oy). Still! I feel like that side of myself, that is always pushing, continues to thrive, no matter how much failure (and excessively poor time management) gets in its way.

2. Have Plane Tickets to my Last Continent- Done! Tickets purchased! We will check New Zealand and the Cook Islands off the list before I turn 30. Hard not to be excited to be completing such a major task off my bucket list. Let's do this!

3. No Really, Thaw Some Seattle Freeze -  I won't say we have bested the Seattle Freeze, because that shit is real, and you just have to roll with it, but I feel encouraged to make progress and to be building friendships with lots of people we genuinely like. This sounds dorky, but this has been a genuine happy surprise, and we are consistently busy if nothing else. One thing year ago me didn't know was that babies make friend-making easier.

4. Watch More Movies, Less Repeat Binge Watching- Fail! I watched fewer new things this year than ever! I checked like 20 movies off the lists. Underwhelming, to say the least. On the other hand, I sure watched a lot of reality cooking television. We could serve as the world's foremost experts on food reality shows. I have seen all of them.

5. Have a Slightly Greener Thumb- Stress the "Slightly," and I'll call this a success. I am getting really good at weeding and mulching, and I pulled multiple plants our all by myself. And we harvested apples and berries! And I fought a swarm of bees! So, clearly a master gardener. Maybe in 2016, I will plant something myself.

6. Get Moving Again- I feel split on this. I am definitely back to doing everything I could pre-baby. Lots of walks and zumba. I also carry around a thirty pound perpetual motion machine a good chunk of the day, so all signs point to ripped, right? On the other hand, I am clearly not as healthy as I was. I don't get sufficient sleep, and I eat really badly. I feel sad that things didn't bounce back like I thought they would, but I also know I am self-sabotaging by snacking and not taking enough care of myself. I have been sitting on the same 8 leftover pounds of baby weight for months, but worse is I just know I don't feel healthy or energized.

7. Get Involved in Teaching Again- I got an assistant job at a local art school.. but then I didn't hear anything from the teacher? Will be getting way more proactive about this in the new year!

8. Build our Library Dining Room- Eep! Let's call this one a fail. We got our table (for free, no less!), but this dream has a lot of layers of stain (and chairs and shelves!) to go. But we are learning things- specifically, to not try woodworking at night by spotlight.

9. Explore Seattle More- Eh, post-partum is not conducive to copious adventures. I would characterize this year as moving a few rings further out in our target. I feel very comfortable in our neighborhoods, and we have our "regular" places, we know more of our neighbors than we did in 5 years in California, and I can mostly find my way around without getting lost. We have had a few adventure days, but I am looking forward to a lot more!

10. Happy Parents, Happy Baby- Hmmm... I don't know how to answer to this one. I think we tried to attend to our own happiness, and I don't feel I ever stopped being grateful (which is the root of all happiness), but I did have some rough months. Because hormones are the worst! The worst! That being said, we have the a happy little meatball for a son, so I am hopeful that my lows didn't rub off on him much.

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