11 Things I Love this Week

by - Wednesday, December 09, 2015

1. Unexpected Trips- Last Thursday, I mustered up an unprecedented amount of courage and drove into downtown by myself (well, with my tiny sidekick, but he is not much help driving), without the gps, to go to SAM for First Thursday (most museums have one day a month admission is free- check yours). It was my favorite Seattle Day in a long time, and to be honest, I have a lot of Seattle days I like quite a lot! It felt like an adventure, and I had such a good time that the Boy took a bus downtown to meet us, and we ate by the well-lit but nearly abandoned Pike Place Market. It felt like something old me would do, and I was just proud of myself for going for it. Plus, the Christmas lights looked beautiful.

 2. Very Intimidating Security Guards- If you have never moved to a city after growing up in a small town, it might be hard to understand the unbelievable joy of seeing someone you know while out. If you have never met Amy, it might be hard to understand it's like 1000 times better. This girl is joy in human form. Definitely one of my favorite people in Seattle, and clearly she is a tough security guard.

 3. Lauren DiCioccio's "Plastic" Bags- If anyone is still debating what to buy their environmentalist (or artist, or shopper, or awesome person) for Christmas, these reusable fabric bags make for a fun and cheeky celebration of the national efforts to ban the plastic bag. I cannot resist them again, and I really wish I had bought a few as gifts.

4. The Kids Room at SAM- I didn't even know this existed, but huzzah for it, because The Bub loved it. Also, I want that Jasper Johns plushie knock off in my house.

 5.  Recycled and Made in the USA Wrapping Paper- Thank you, surprise large variety of Christmas paper, for making me feel slightly better about the universe in a week that didn't necessarily encourage that feeling. Will write a whole blog about this soon, but until then, no one buy any more virgin tree paper! Do you really want to chop down a tree for what is destined to be a pile of garbage?

 6. PTA Wreaths- Shopping local vendors to support local public schools? And my house gets to smell like a real Christmas tree? I'm in heaven. Only Christmas decoration I bought this year, but the 30 dollars feels totally worth it.

7. Carnitas- I could be such a good pescatarian if it weren't for Skagit Valley Ranch Bacon (if you come to visit us, demand this bacon. If you don't try it, we have robbed you) and now these carnita tacos from Pecado Bueno. We had the nicest dinner there last Saturday, and carnitas demand love. Also, margaritas.

8. Muppet Christmas Carol- It's my favorite Christmas movie of all time, and one of the songs makes me feel all teary every time:

"Bless us all who gather here
The loving family I hold dear
No place on Earth, compares with home
And every path will lead me back from where I roam
Bless us all, that we live
We always comfort and forgive
We have so much, that we can share
With those in need, we see around us everywhere"

Damn you Tiny Tim! Being all sentimental and spiritual. Your poor brother Peter only gets to be excited about a goose, and you are going to fix the whole world!

10. Baby Painting Parties- Can you guess which one is my son? The snowflakes turned out a little underwhelming, but the process was adorable. 

11. Overanalyzing Love Actually- When we watched it last night, The Boy actually recognized an extra from a previous scene. Also, try to suss out how all these people know each other, but also don't know each other. I dare you. Lastly, the whole airport sequence makes no sense. Why did those parents let the girl walk the whole way back through the airport when they were already the last people on the flight? How did she not miss her flight? So many questions. 

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