10 Things I am Grateful for this Week

by - Thursday, December 17, 2015

1. Being Busy- It sure is December! I feel like we have things planned for every day, so much so that I kind of think we need to pare our schedule down. It's nice to feel like we have a life here in Seattle, maybe even too much life!

2. Kona Kitchen Barbeque Chicken- Best Chicken Ever. I didn't even know that could be a possible prize, but this wins it. How funny that we have a Hawaiian place a few blocks from our house named after my Mom's town. Also, that their food is probably some of the best in Seattle, without being pretentious at all!

3, Walking Babies- The Bub puts his hands up in the air for balance, and now a few weeks into walking, his gait is really turning into a gallop. That kid can move! It's still cute, but check with me later if I still think so once he won't let me carry him around.

4. Charlie Brown Christmas- I think I appreciate this one more every year, and it really spoke to me and how I am trying to change our family's approach to the holiday. Also, I really get Lucy. Why doesn't everyone just listen when you boss them around? Show some respect to the Christmas Queen!

5. Cake Fail- So, we learned some things about sifted flour. Also, sticks of butter that aren't Tillamook. It was not good. We did not even finish one piece, and it was in the garbage. I didn't even bother with the snowflakes, because I knew it wasn't worth the effort (the frosting wouldn't even stick to the sides! All in all, not my best, but it was funny, and that counts too!

6. My Sleepy Mountain Earrings- We do our gifting on the anniversary of the Snow Ball, our first date, and I got these AWESOME earrings in my stocking! First, I have to say doing an eco-friendly stocking was mostly a success- we got each other so much more creative things! But we still had our trip to Target to finish it off, so we certainly aren't perfect.

7. Gifts that Encourage- You know I have been obsessed with made in America and eco-friendly gifts this Christmas, and this might be one of the best side-benefits of buying from small businesses (or a single maker) versus a corporation- they are so encouraging! I bought The Boy a number of Etsy gifts that came with the cutest notes. This note came from Crafts Gone Awry. Thanks for the compliment!

8. The Boy Wins the Holiday- Not that it's a competition (but it kind of always is between us). The Boy bought me a fancy new camera lens! Best new toy! Even better, it's a refurbished camera lens, which means a fun new lens, and it's recycled! Does this man know me or what?

9. Married at First Sight- I became immediately addicted to this show, and I am slightly obsessed. I have always been fascinated with relationships and how/ why they work. When you think about it, it makes no sense that it ever works ever, and yet. So I love this show, even if it indulges my voyeuristic side. It's nice to root for them.

10. Eco-laziness- A new term coined by the amazing and wonderful Jenny GG. You can apply it to so many things. Not wrapping your Christmas presents, being slow to change a dirty diaper, and so much more! Anything that encourages laziness, I am all about.

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