6 Things for Halloween Plague Weekend

by - Monday, November 02, 2015

Yes, we are still sick! This bug has been tough, because it just feels endless. I think it is also the first time I have really stared down how much I and we have changed since becoming parents. You don't get down time. You can't just lay around and recuperate, because the Bub will sit on your face and then try drop a pumpkin on it.

1. Seattle Recreative- This store in Greenwood resells craft supplies so that things don't go to waste. We bought a 100 or so pieces of construction paper, fabric glue, and 15-20 wood letters for 2.15. Two dollars. I plan to move into this store. It may be my version of heaven (they also do art classes! How cute is that). I may have mentioned this win before, but we made invitations using these supplies, and the whole project cost us 10 dollars? And it's all recycled? Pretty excited about the possibilities of this discovery.

2. Three Trick or Treaters- That's it. It was very stormy on the day, but really? Tiny people, come let me give you candy! (ok, that did sound a little creepy). Still, three is better than zero, which is what we had the entire time we lived in California. I love you, Seattle.

3. Kid Hub Dinosaur Tails- The Boy made a dragon costume (I helped, but he really deserves most of the credit) out of leftover Christmas ornament felt and an American Apparel sweatshirt that I will use once it's de-dragoned (or maybe before? I love it). To finish the look, we bought a dinosaur tail from Kid Hub. She was so sweet to take this kid's piece and make it a little bigger for a grown up, but she also made the velcro really long, so it will be a part of our dress up clothes for a long long time. That makes it so special!

4. Boxes- I had been trying to get us a car seat on Buy Nothing for months, but I never got picked for one (it happens, we got a dining room table and most of his toys, so who can complain), so we bit the bullet and bought an Evenflo carseat which is (mostly) made in the USA! Next best thing. But the real treat of this whole thing is that the baby is obsessed with the box. Everything they tell you about small children is true. Just give this kid some garbage, and he's just giddy. He kept taking the little pumpkin we bought into the box and then rolling it out. Life is wonderful when you are a baby. Marvels around every corner.

5. Jack O Lantern Pizza- We didn't get to carve pizzas this year, but The Boy made us jack o lantern pizza to eat anyway. Makes me smile.

6. Otto Preminger- Watched Laura today while rocking a sleeping baby, and it was pretty good! Not my favorite Preminger movie, but I did love it, and Gene is just a freaking knockout. Gorgeous!

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