11 Things I Loved this Week (Colorado Edition)

by - Monday, November 16, 2015

1. Elk in Front of Elk Statues- Life is glorious. The picture of true friendship, between a giant deer and his likeness. 

2. Pesto on Omelettes- So good! Pesto is good on anything.

3. Bear Lake- We got to take a trip up the Rocky Mountains to see this beautiful lake and the snow! Just seeing the snow made me so happy.

4. Gloves and Hats- I love the Gypsy and Lolo mittens I got for the Bub, which are made of recycled materials here in the United States. Perfect if you are looking for mittens for yourself or kids!  I also bought him that awesome Yoda hat from Unforgettable Stitch. It seriously is the cutest thing. With a used coat and fair trade booties, that was one green set of outerwear!

5. Container Architecture- We saw a bunch of this in Las Vegas as well, where old storage containers, which could potentially make a ton of waste, and they put them to use in public spaces like parks and concert areas. They are starting to use them for Starbucks here in Seattle, and I imagine this will only become more and more ubiquitous.

6. Blackout Peruvian- Don't you love when something unexpected happens, and it should be rotten, but it mostly turns out to be fun? We went to a Peruvian place near Melissa and Alan's, and they lost electricity. We sat and ate by the light of Inka Cola on a cellphone until the electric came back. I loved it- it will be one of the things we remember from that trip.

7. Fountain Art- This artist uses plants and water to make these really lovely images. I like the owl on the left, though The Boy says it wasn't an owl. Thoughts?

8. Chocolove- We tried the Boulder chocolate bar as part of our Local Chocolate Mission. The branding seemed a little dorky, with love poems inside. The chocolate tasted pretty good! What's your favorite local chocolate?

9. Getting to See this Girl- Happy to see her life and how happy she is where she is at now. Excited we had 2 Vision Quests this year!

10. A Successful Birthday Non-party- We had a handful of friends over today to celebrate the Bub and all the great people we have gotten to know in his lifetime. We did it no fuss, but I was surprised what a nice time we had, and I am so grateful we have met people we really like. We reused old birthday decorations, got The Bub used sweatpants, Pact socks (the best), and new sippy cup lids for his Lifefactory bottles. Crazy fun, right? We will get him better gifts when he is old enough to remember.

11.  Cardboard Boxes- We said no gifts, but if you had to bring a gift, bring a cardboard box, since that's the Bub's favorite thing anyway. They did! Then, we unwrapped some gifts after the party, and Pag just sent us a cardboard box. Too funny.

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