Letter to Get Better- Chipotle, Use Compostable Bowls!

by - Friday, September 25, 2015

 This is a new weekly article where a mom with a shortage of hobbies and sleep harrasses companies into making small but Earth-friendly changes to their regular deal. Please let me know if there is something or somebody you want to lovingly nudge toward doing the right thing, and I will join you in your quest!

Hi Chipotle Customer Relators!

My husband loves Chipotle. Loves it. When we have given up on adulthood, which can be such a bummer, we abandon making dinner and head to your burrito-y goodness. As much as I love your commitment to the ethics of the food, I have major beef with you-

Why don't you use compostable bowls?!?!?

This, to me, seems like such a simple fix to sending all of those bowls to the landfill. If you care about the animals on this Earth, which is awesome, you also need to care about the waste you create and how it effects them. I know you use 100% recycled napkins, so this seems right in your wheelhouse.

 We live in Seattle, where compost and recycling are a way of life, and it cuts me deep to keep throwing these bowl containers in the trash when compostable options are now readily available! I have even read that your bowls are compostable at some locations, but at our safe haven from maturity, the bowls clearly land on the Landfill portion of the trash signage. What gives?

I know that you can do better, and it would make me super happy to throw my bowl into the compost bin. You can do it, Chipotle Kings, we believe in you!

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