Join us TOMORROW for Teal Tuesday!

by - Monday, September 14, 2015

Every Tuesday in September, we are wearing teal to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer- please join us tomorrow for our biggest Teal Tuesday Yet! We started doing this last year when my cousin Rochelle and I realized no one is talking about this disease despite it being the most deadly gynecological cancer and needing way more support than it gets,  so help us spread the word!

What You Have to Do

Participating in this is crazy easy, and it can make a huge difference!

1. Tomorrow morning, when you are picking something to wear, pick something teal! It doesn't even have to be your whole outfit- rock some teal socks, a bracelet, a bowler hat- any teal will do!

2. Post a picture of yourself looking amazing on Facebook or Instagram. With the picture, write one fact abouut Ovarian Cancer. If you don't know much about it, you can learn more here!

3. Post it with the hashtag #tealtuesday so we can revel in your beauty and awesomeness!

Why We are Wearing Teal

 Three years ago, my Aunt Ann went into surgery for a lump that was causing her pain in her abdomen. What they found was a tumor the size of a folded up washcloth that had already spread throughout her abdomen. She continues to be faithful, courageous, and freaking amazing through her multiple rounds of chemo. She has had relatively healthy and normal periods, as well as incredibly tough ones. This cancer is brutal. Right now, she is again going through a round of chemo, but she is also able to still live her life, going with Shelly and her kids to the zoo, and so many other great things!

Watching her go through this has taught us many things, but I think most of all, I have seen God do so many miracles and answer to many prayers, and it reminds me no matter how dark things look, our God is able and He heals. How awesome is that. .

Because we have been so blessed, we have to try to be a blessing to others, and one of the ways we are doing this is to try to raise awareness about this disease, so other women can find their cancer sooner, so it no longer is thought of as a death sentence, and so women like Ann can feel seen and supported. This is the goal, and it is important.

I have been reminded how strong and powerful love is (and the bonds between women are) as I watch the people who love her hold her up, and I think we can do this for others as well! Please join our family in spreading the word!

Where You can Learn More

Part of the reason you don't hear as much about Ovarian Cancer is that its awareness groups aren't as large and well-organized as those Breast Cancer ladies in October. It needs more oomph behind its awareness efforts, which is where we all come in. Still, there are plenty of places you can learn more about ovarian and peritoneal cancers, what you can do to help, and how to spread the word: 

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