3 Things- Zappo's Made in USA, Nancy Holt, and Teal Tuesday

by - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

1. Zappo's Made in America Filter- 7,440 items that were made in America including lots of shoes. I find this oddly comforting, especially because things like boots and tennis shoes are on there (yay New Balance!). Also, the Harveys bags and wallets made out of recycled seatbelts.

from http://observer.com/2014/02/nancy-holt-visionary-land-artist-dies-at-75/
2.Nancy Holt- I hardly ever get to genome someone so historical and influential, and it was fun to read about her, her life, and her tunnels. She was a Land artist, made works you might recognize even without an art background, and collaborated with many of the names you recognize (Robert Smithson and Michael Heizer). I was looking at some of her photographs through her tunnels, where her intervention reframes the Western landscape, making you look at it and think about it in a new way. Yo can look at Holt's artwork here.

3. Teal Tuesday- I feel like it gained some momentum this year, but I have some good ideas for next year too. Everyone get informed about Ovarian Cancer- awareness is so important for this awful cancer! I also love this campaign- we should totally do this next year!

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