3 Things I Love Today

by - Thursday, September 24, 2015

1. Casting By- This documentary, currently on Netflix, serves as a great biography of one woman at the top of her field in a male-dominated industry, but it also makes me think of how certain creative endeavors, especially ones that require empathy (often gendered as feminine) or incisive understanding of other people, can be mistaken as easy or unimportant. It makes me think of teaching most of all, because her talent was recognizing the potential in others. Also you get to see pictures of Clint Eastwood dancing.

2. Co-op Daycare- We started today. Meeting people feels like a lot of work every time (why must I spew awkwardness?), but I remain hopeful for other inappropriate mothers. If nothing else, The Bub wowed the lot of them with his clapping skills.

3. Recycle Nation- Thought you couldn't recycle where you live? You can and you should! Check out this incredibly cool website which helps you find your options. I just love that this exists, because it means everyone only has to care a little bit to save our kids and grandkids from a whole lot of our garbage. Because plastic is the worst.

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