10 Things for this Week

by - Friday, September 11, 2015

My goal is to write more fun blogs, not just where to buy American-made bathroom cleaner and the like (though honest to goodness, I am loving doing this research and am plotting all kinds of things for the Christmas shopping coming up). Still, going to try to get back to my thankful things. Wish me luck!

1. Sleep- We had a relatively good week, but it's already looking like a bad night, so I must say thanks for some actual shut eye and a baby who mostly is somewhat willing to sleep. That's a big leap for us.

2. Dancing Brush- We went on our first pottery painting date in a very long time tonight. The Bub even got in on the action, and we enjoyed some actual success getting a handprint (it's a miracle!). It's a classic date for us, so I really loved coming back to it and just spending some time focused on a teeny tiny little project.

3. Hobee's Coffeecake- Our friends from California sent us two pans of our favorite Northern California brunch food, and we are in heaven. They were incredibly sweet to even think of us, and it really made me miss California (who would have guessed I would EVER say that!).

4. A Super Awesome Care Package- Yesterday was actually Day 2 of amazing gifting, because the day before that, my brother and his fancy sent us a care package with everything you need- Groucho glasses, bubbles, a Pope John Paul candle, and framed pictures of Lindsey Lohan and John Wayne. Throw what you want at us, Life, we got everything we need.

5. Top Chef Season 4- We have made it to Richard Blais, and he is the WORST. Still, no one talks about Season 3 because it was boring (I mean Casey won Fan Favorite!), and our Tom Collichio marathoning can now continue into a weirder, more interesting season.

6. Time with my Mom- That lady is an angel fueled by Diet Coke.

7. Trainwreck- Yeah, I hear all the arguments about racism in the movie, and the conclusion might send some weird messages, but let's all pause for a moment and appreciate that the movie opens with a non-size 2 woman taking off her clothes NOT just for laughs. And it goes from there. And also, she is pretty awesome, and the movie was often very funny (thank you Lebron James). Bill Hader made a great leading man,

8.Ham Feast- We have decided to have a ham every year around this time, and we had a bunch of The Boy's co-workers over to enjoy it with us. They did, because HAM.

9. Leftover Ham- I can't stop eating it. So good.

10. A New Umbrella Stroller- And the subsequent absolute inability to figure out how to close it up and put it away in a busy parking garage while the Baby screamed from the backseat. This sounds complainy, but I could easily see the kind of cliche hilarity in the moment, so I weirdly enjoyed the rite of passage. And I totally tried to stuff that thing in the trunk without collapsing it (damn you Dodge Neon and your tiny trunk!). It was a learning experience, and we survived. Thankful that God didn't gift babies with memories.

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