Something to Feel Good About- Rebuild The Churches Fund

by - Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Last June, after the horrifying shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charlestown, most in our nation and our faith felt abbsolutely heartbroken. When that duisgusting act of racial violence in a House of God spurred on multiple acts of arson against other churches, it was even more shocking and disgusting. I couldn't understand where that darkness came from, and it felt like that hate wwas dividing us by race rather than uniting us by faith.

Very soon after, Christ Church Cathedral in St Louis (what up Episcopaleans!) began a fund to raise money to help rebuild these churches. Their original goal was 25,000 dollars. Now, they are at 315,000. How amazing is that?

I get frustrated that Hobby Lobby or Rick Santorum get so much press and seem to represent Christianity in the public sphere, but the truth is, amazing efforts like these may not get the attention because they happen in the church every day. If you are having a bad day, or are feeling ambivalent about the state of the world, read the long list of congregations and denominations that got involved to help rebuild those churches.

If you haven't donated yet- consider doing so! Not every group on this list is Christian, and it is equally powerful when other faiths show each other erspect (which, again, happens every day). We all know 6 buildings is not a cheap construction project, and seeing these churches rebuilt sends a hugely important message- It may be easy to destroy, but creating will win, because it came from God.It may be easy to hate or fear, but love will win, because it comes from God. No matter what your beliefs, seeing and making the good in this world is always worth doing, and this is a great place to do it.

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