9 Things for a Perfectly Boring Weekend

by - Tuesday, August 04, 2015

1. Company Picnic- Tech professionals are so awkward. On the other hand, there were treats and duck races. I wanted to get our face painted, but there was a line, so it didn't quite happen. When does a baby mature enough to get their face painted?

2. The first two bites of a snowcone- The other 90% is kind of an obligation eat, but it's just ice, so at least its not bad for you, like obligation eating a funnel cake.

3. Blueberry Pancakes with Blueberries from our Yard- Way exciting that we grew something that lived. The pancakes tasted like pancakes AND success.

4. Returning to Tandoozy- A bunch of Indian food served on a giant piece of Naan, then you have to find some curb or patch of shade to eat it on. It's basically a perfect Saturday lunch.

5.The University Farmer's Market- My favorite place to shop. We have been using Saturday mornings to try to catch up on sleep, so we have missed it quite a bit, but we were out the door on Saturday in time to shop there, and that made me so happy. It's kind of what you imagine your life will be like, even if with a baby you mostly are proud of yourself if you aren't eating out. 

6. Mall Walking- We were so sick of the hot weather on Saturday that we just went and walked around the Lynnwood Mall for 4 hours. We didn't buy anything (ok, we got a Jamba Juice), but I really enjoyed not sweating it out at home, and it actually felt like good quality time together to peruse stores and just talk.

7. Church- It was one of those Sundays where it felt like the sermon was speaking directly to me and all the worries I have been having. Just perfectly what I needed to hear.

8. My New Planner! Best few days setting up my planner for another year of productivity and adventures. I just love getting everything organized, which is weird, because that isn't generally my style, but having a planner helps me feel like I am not totally out of control. That's how boring our weekend turned out, and I loved it.

9. Our first try at gnocchi- They were gummy? Does anyone know how to fix that? Still, it has been a goal all summer to start making our own gnocchi, and then our own pasta, so I was excited to have a new food challenge under our belts. And the topping The Boy made tasted awesome, so no complaints there.

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