10 Things I am Grateful for this Week

by - Saturday, August 22, 2015

1. Good parenting- Favorite toy? The Swiffer. Favorite food? Cheerios off the floor. You can give us our award now.

2. Grill Month and Salmon Sliders- We are currently working our way through America's Test Kitchen How to Cook Book, so we will know everything about food (or at least something). For August, we picked grill month, so as to take advantage of the crazy Seattle heat wave. This week, we (like how I keep saying we? The Boy) made salmon sliders and garlic fries, and it was awesome. Happy to still be setting goals and learning new things.

3. Cloth Napkins- I am currently obsessed with cloth napkins, because we use them for the baby, and it makes sense to use them ourselves (I mean, we use 2 napkins a night, and we aren't THAT messy). There are about a million adorable options on Etsy, but I currently love these apple ones from Jaqs Studio.

4. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles- Our new favorite baby thing. We didn't have enough bottles to make it through a day with the Bub (and a bunch were that Tommee Tippee nonsense, which everybody hated and are going on Buy Nothing), so we got a bunch of glass bottles as we are trying to decrease the amount of plastic we buy (that shit lasts forever, in a bad way). I love them. They come with super great silicon sleeves that both make them easy to hold and highly entertaining to the bub (they also come off, so I can put them on our other, less fancy glass bottles when needed). I kind of don't understand why glass bottles went out of style, because these kick ass. I'm going to buy the lids to change too, so they can be our sippy cups as well.

5. Firefighters- Everyone please pray for rain for Washington State, because we are having some really awful wildfires with no real rain in sight (there are some small showers later this week, but I can't imagine it will be enough. Please also pray for the amazing firefighters out trying to contain and subdue these fires. It's going to be a rough time in this state because of El Nino (apparently that means less rain in the Pacific Northwest), and this could just be the beginning, so pray that rain comes long enough to help put these fires out.

6. Beyonce "Countdown"- Currently the jam in our household. Not much better in the world than watching my son begin to dance badly, a great family tradition.

7. Bonuts- The Boy got his work bonus this week. I got doughnuts. Pretty comparable, right?

8. New windows! We got new windows installed where the old ones were either security risks or causing major temperature problems in our house (so about two thirds of the windows, because old house). They make everything seem so much more fancy, and now I am plotting how to get those last windows done. It's like Barbie's Dream House up in here this week.

9. Harold on Top Chef Season One- I know we talk about Top Chef a lot, but amazon streaming feeds our addiction, because now we can watch all the early seasons we never saw before. It has overtaken Thursday Movie Night for now, because we seem to have watched almost all the classic movies currently on Prime or Netflix.

Anyway, Harold is the best reality competition winner ever, because he freaking hates his reality competition. It's like they dropped a normal person in, and you can even see him in the background making "what the hell" faces. After the first season, people know what they are getting into, but Harold is a great reminder at how ridiculous many of the premises are. He's a gem. Best player to ever hate the game.

10. Grilled Chicken at Kona Kitchen- This Hawaiian place is walking distance from our house, so we thought it might be helpful when we are missing my mom. It also turns out to be freaking delicious without making a big deal about itself. Case and point- this grilled chicken doesn't look like anything special, but it is the best grilled chicken I have ever had anywhere. Next time you come visit (which I know literally no one is planning but my Mom, who can probably get better Hawaiian food elsewhere), remind us to take you here.

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